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Anti RoboCall Phone Printer Friendly Version
I hate getting robocalls from telemarketers. I wish someone would build an answering machine that won't ring the phone if the caller is not listed in your address book.
You would enter the names and phone numbers of all your friends and relatives (well, most of them). Then the device would check the caller ID with the phone numbers in the list. If the caller is on the list, the phone would ring normally. If the caller is not on the list, the phone would not ring at all. Instead, it would take a message. It would be a bonus if the device would also display a list of all the phone numbers received that were not in your address book. That way, you could quickly scan them and delete them instead of listening to each one.

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Privacy Option for Mobile Phones Printer Friendly Version
My idea is a cell phone with a privacy option. It comes with a pair of special glasses and, when the privacy option is elected, only the person wearing the glasses can see the display on his phone. This helps to protect one's privacy when traveling in public.
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Mini USB Converter for iDevices Printer Friendly Version
Most people nowadays have a blackberry, android, or iPhone as their smartphone. As you well know, Android and Blackberry use a mini-USB cable to recharge their batteries whereas Apple has their own unique cable. I propose the creation of a case that holds the backup battery for the iPhone/iPad/iPod and is charged by a mini-USB; when you plug it in, it charges itself and the iDevice.
So, if you ever run out of battery at your friend's house and their phone is powered by a mini-USB cable, you can use their cable to charge your phone and case at the same time. When the battery on your iDevice runs out, you turn the case on and it charges your iDevice from its backup battery. The case also serves the dual-purpose of providing protection against damage.
Reward: a FREE product 

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Current status for Cell Phone Users Printer Friendly Version
In Gmail chat, you can allow people to see your online status. The same should be available for cell phone users.
All mobile phone users should be able to update their current status in real time, such as "in bathroom." There should be entry time displayed when the status is typed.
This way, the user can have a comfortable, relaxed bath even while waiting for a important call. If you don't want to be disturbed for 5 minutes, you could type:

"In bath. Wait for 5 minutes.
- entered at 3:05 pm on 14.03.2011"

This would make our life a lot more relaxed, while improving communication.

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Cell Phone with Print Capability Printer Friendly Version
A cell phone that can print notes or online website information.

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