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Wireless Backup for increased Air Safety Printer Friendly Version
With all this wireless technology why aren't all systems on air craft ie. rudder, ailerons etc. connected wirelessly so just in case of fire and loss of other control systems this back up could save the day.
Reward: free flight 

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Convertible Knitting Needles Printer Friendly Version
For those of you who don't knit, let me give you a brief description of the problem. Knitting needles are not just the two sticks normally associated with the craft. Knitters also need five double pointed needles, circular needles (two needles connected by a string), and occasionally a pattern calls for a crochet hook, as well. This can get rather annoying, especially if the nearest supply store is 30 miles away.
So, instead of an ever growing pile of knitting needles, how about interchangeable pieces that screw on and off of a set of base sticks? For example, if I want to shorten a set of regular sized needles, I would just unscrew the lower parts of the needles and replace them with a shorter end. Let's say that a pattern calls for a circular needle part way through. No problem! Just screw on the ends connected by a string.
Reward: A set in every size 

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Office chair rolls that don't ruin the floor Printer Friendly Version
Ok, now I know that there are various products out there that are supposed to do the job. There are softer rolls for hardwood floors that supposedly don't make any scratches, and there are even stumps that you can use instead of rolls (stick some felt underneath for protection). But if you've used those, you will notice that they are actually only joke articles - the floor will still suffer, and even more if you trust the manufacturer's promise and aren't as careful as you really should.
So how about inventing something that really, truely, sincerely, reliably doesn't scratch the floor when you move around with your office chair, even if you're a hardcore office worker and eat & sleep on the chair? Hover craft or magic levitation could do the trick, but I'm sure there are other ways. You could fasten the seat on an arm that's screwed to the wall (although admittedly that would be an expensive solution). Aren't there any high-tech materials that can be used for the purpose? And if yes, what could keep tiny stones or other pieces of hard material sneaking in between and causing scratches anyway?

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