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Remote Controlled Door (RCD) Printer Friendly Version
Parts of this idea are being used for other purpose but here it is.
Suppose you are in you bedroom or working on something interesting and you don't want to be interrupted when suddenly someone knocks on your door.
The idea is to build or assemble from already present device a transmitter and reciever than can control the lock in the door thru a powerful magnet coil (or an alreday present mechanism can be found i the market-by mechanism i do mean the hole door mechanism).
The block diagram or sequence goes like this.
3)switch (could be a sucession of a transistor and a timer to make sure the signal is present for enough time)
4)12v, 9v, 6v realy to control the coil mounted on the door or the door mechanism it self.
5)... (if any other steps required).
Apart from the bedroom door the device can be used mounted on any door whether the main gates or any another (don't know if the wireless accessed car work following the same or similar principle).
Reward: a prototype of the device would be given to the most helpful prs, post, comment(s). 

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Built-In hands free for Mobile phones Printer Friendly Version
The present hands-free cables using for mobile phones may became twists on usage. Like head phones to walk-man. Everytime we need to unwind the twists. For this, if we can have built-in hands free in a circular box, which will be like measuring tapes (winds internally in a circular box). One side, the jack could be kept outside which plugs into the cell and the other side speakers. This compact like hands-free box could have facility to attach with mobile phone hand set or could carry separatly. This box should be such a less in weight, which could be buttoned to shirt like the present hand-free cable.
Reward: Who ever wish to utilize this idea, if they can give the name of this product with my name, "Parthasaradhi" thats enough as reward for me. 

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United States Printer Friendly Version
Converting present gasoline engines to work on steam, using a combination of either electrical or propane to make the steam.
Engines presently are 4 cycle. To convert to steam would require replacing the 4 cycle camshaft to 2 cycle. Then removing the carburator and intake and exhaust manafolds, and using them to connect the steam to the intake manafold and the radiator to the exaust manafold, where the steam would be cooled to convert to water. The water, being cooled to just below the boiling point would then be connected to the steam generator to be fed to the intake manafold. The cars would need to have the gas tank replaced with a propane tank, and also be equipted with batteries enought to drive normal distance, being rechargeabe by charging overnight at home, but using propane to suplimite the batteries on long trips.
Of course this idea would also work on replacement motors. But on present motors, the alternators would also be replacing part of the energy to make the steam. If the motor industry switched to steam, the world would no longer depent on oir at $147 a barrol, and all the greedy ones running up the price of oil would see their high price bubble collepse! This idea is completely free! I wish you success in becoming very rich with you invention!
Reward: no reward wanted. Just would like to see it done. 

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