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Book Chips Printer Friendly Version
I know food isn't allowed in libraries, but this is different. These would be little chips that could be implanted in the spine of a book. If the book went missing then it could be tracked down.
The chips would have to be hidden pretty well so that no one could remove them.

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The Only Book You'll Ever Need! Printer Friendly Version
A pocket sized book, resembling a novel - with some important advantages... Instead of paper pages, the pages would be made of a thin, flexible, transparent plastic. There would be approx. 300 pages - small enough to carry around in any situation. This book would be digital. Tiny disks or microchips would be downloaded into a slot on the inner back cover, and the pages would magically turn into the pages of whatever book you downloaded - a Biology textbook, or War and Peace - any book in the world. If the 300 pages are not enough, there would be a "Continue" button the very last page, and when pushed, the remainder of the book would be continued from the first page...and so on, until the end of the book. For students, instead of carrying around heavy texts back and forth from school, they would carry this special book, and a small container of microchips or small disks containing their "books".
Reward: Save the environment - no trees need to be cut for these books! Less back strain from carrying around heavy text. Less waisted space in libraries and home bookshelves - more space for other uses. Very convenient, and practical! 

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Book reading attachment Printer Friendly Version
All of us like to read books and a lot of times we like to read when we are in our bed. But reading when lying down on a bed is not comfortable for long. Very soon you feel a sprain in the neck, hands etc. and give up reading in the lying position.
How about an attachment fitted to the bed which will hold your book and also allow you to change the pages by use of a remote control in your hands, when you are totally flat on your bed in the most comfortable position you want to be. The book can be held by its hard covers and there could be a mechanism by which pages can be flipped back and forth.
Additionally it may also have a small LCD screen which can keep track of which book you are reading, which page you last stopped, your reading speed, it can also have a dictionary database which you can use without getting up from bed to search for a word.
Reward: Just let me know how useful this can be. 

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