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Air Bags for Boats Printer Friendly Version
Large or small boats can carry air bags that inflate which can prevent a boat from sinking. A good desig of such air bags and smart placing of them (which can not be seen on deck) can result in balancing the boat and giving enough time for the crew to unload any water.
Reward: a free cruise to Caribbean for the family 

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Kitesurfing Hydrofoil Boat Printer Friendly Version
Main features:
* 2-3 kitesurfing type sails
* 2 catamaran hulls
* hydrofoils under both ends of each catamaran hull
* some kind of deck to hold passengers and cargo
* the kitesails would be staggered from front to farther back (exact locations need to be worked out)
* the angle of attack of the sets of hydrofoil blades on each corner would need to be controllable to facilitate the boat rising out of the water for less drag but not getting tipped over by gusts of wind
* the vertical members that hold the hydroil blades would also act as daggerboards and be steerable to control sideways slipping and enable tacking against the wind
* a small auxiliary energy system would be very helpful for "power steering" and to power onboard computer circuitry and sensors to respond to wind gusts and make rapid adjustments to avoid tipping over
* boats using kites for propulsion date back to 12th century in China (see http://www.kitesurfingnow.com/kitesurfing-facts/history-of-kitesurfing.shtml)
Reward: A lot of free publicity for California State University, Pomona in advertising, literature, web sites, etc. related to commercial sales of products based on this concept. 

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