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Automatic debit software Printer Friendly Version
If you pay off your credit card, using automatic debits from your bank account, there is usually a specific day when the balance is paid in full. Instead of that system, this software would pay the balance off in increments during the course of the month so that by the due date, the entire balance has been paid. The advantage would be that the software monitors the current cash exchange rate, so that when you could gain more interest by leaving the money in your bank account, it would pay the credit card balance in smaller increments. When interest is down, it would pay in larger increments. The flucuation of exchange rates could be exploited to your advantage (take that George Soros!), so that you're not losing interest on your money when you don't need to.
Reward: I would like to work as controller of currency for the OCC, so that I could actually enforce the regulation of MBNA and Citibank. 

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Yahoo "Launch" meets shopping centers Printer Friendly Version
Yahoo has a service / website called "Launch." Launch will play videos & music for you, and you can tell the system if you liked the selection or not. With that information (and comparing it to other users' music taste), Launch will figure out your preferences, and ideally only play pieces that you like, including new ones you have never heard before.
It would be cool if a similar system could be used in shopping centers. In most of them, the choice of music is really horrible, and I'm pretty sure that most shoppers don't like it either. The situation could be easily solved by storing information about the individual shoppers' music taste on a customer card. Before shopping, you could "check in" to the shopping center, the system would know who's currently "in" and mix the shopping music to their taste.
Reward: Give me a special customer card that will give my music taste higher priority. 

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A cool hat Printer Friendly Version
what if there was a hat/ beanie that would have a kin of mp3 that would read a card with music on it? you would not have the problem with fussing with the cords of the earphones! also, it could have a headlight put into it. if that isn't all it once turned on it would activate a ear piercing sound only heard by dogs! perfect for morning joggers!
Reward: another one out of my mind... 

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