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Mobile for the elderly Printer Friendly Version
There's an entire generation out there that would desperately need mobile phones, but they are more or less barred from their use. I'm talking about elderly people who would love to have a mobile for certain situations, but today's phones are so small and the buttons even smaller that they simply can't use them.
What I am thinking of is a simple device with just a couple of picture buttons - one for calling the doctor, one for a taxi, one for the grand daughter etc. The grand children (or the mobile shop) would program those buttons once and even old people with bad eyes and shaky fingers could easily handle such a device.
Reward: Such a mobile for free for my parents who will need it by the time it has been invented 

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Kids Swimming Pool Improvement Printer Friendly Version
My idea is just an improvement on the little plastic kiddy pools. Ok my idea involves adding a canal-shield type thing at the lip of the pool that prevents water from leaving the pool when the kids are moving and splashing around. Also in this canal there will be a hole or two tunneling water to the base of the pool to an added tray that fills with water allowing the kids to wash their feet of all the grass and dirt that tracks into the pool. So you will be left with cleaner water and more water which will lead to happier children and parents.
Reward: Partnership in creating ideas 

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New way to ear movies Printer Friendly Version
I'm from portugal, and in my country some movies (like finding nemo or harry potter) has 2 versions, the original version and the portuguese...
Well, the original version is for adults and teenagers, and the portuguese version is for children, who can't read.
Sometimes i have to go to the movies with my cousins who have 4/5 years and i really have to go to the portuguese version. The childrem make very noise, with screamings and laughing, and sometimes i can't ear a thing, so i think... when i'm in a meeting, and the speaker is french (for example!) i have an headphones, and i'm listening a real time translating of the speaker... why don't we make the same system in portuguese cinemas? so, the parents see the original version, and kids have the phones to ear the portuguese version (or the other way)?!?!?
Reward: the cinemas will save some cash, because they have only one room for the movie instead of 2 rooms, like they do...
what do you think? 

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