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Make Up Made From Ink Printer Friendly Version
Why not use non-carcinogenic Ink to make all make up. Once it dries it never smears. It comes in all colors and you could have three day lip stick or weeks worth of full facial make up that may last for weeks. It would never rub off and could be taken off with any normal acetone based make up remover just as usual. You could do your nails as well. Any thing you wanted color on you could apply it too. The colors that ink puts out are briliant as well. Very bright or very dark. You make your own choice.
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Michael D. Grissom
Electronic Component Tattle-Tail Stickers Printer Friendly Version
There are chemicals that change color with temperature (mood rings) and can be designed to coat paper stickers so that when a certain temperature threshold is reached, the sticker will change from green to red (for example) and not change back. We also know that most electronic components will increase in normal temperature when a failure occurs.
With a sticker designed for and affixed to all components at point of manufacture, a failure would become VISUALLY apparent. Many TVs, monitors, stereos, etc. are tossed simply because an intermittant problem won't happen when the tech has it in the shop. Many are discarded because the problem is so difficult to troubleshoot that the estimate is too high to be worth repairing. Many COULD be repaired by the home do-it-yourselfer with a soldering iron if he/she could visually see the component to replace.
This invention would make these things possible.
I thought of this idea when I found out that my $2000.00 21" monitor that died just out of warranty doesn't have a schematic available from any source in the world -- not even the manufacturer. In searching, I found that to be a common industry problem these days.
So,... anybody know any chemist out there that would like to tackle this one?
Reward: The NAME of the slave labor 7 year old that put that bad capacitor in my Chinese made monitor. ;-)
5/5/03 Update: My monitor problem was a 10M ohm wire-wound resistor that burnt open (like a blown fuse) without leaving a mark on the body of the resistor. This means that instead of stickers, some components capable of 'spot' failures should be completely coated with a translucent color changing chemical coating. That would have made this problem visually detectable. 

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Electronic Car Key Printer Friendly Version
Generally we park our car and lock it through our remote electronic locking device. When you leave the parking place on your work, you some times wonder whether you locked your car or not. There is no way to know unless you walk to the car and lock/unlock it once again.
My suggestion is the remote key should have two LED's of color red/green. When the car is locked, green LED should glow and vice versa. Thereby we can know whether car is securely locked or not just by looking at the key. This does not involve much technology, as LEDs can be lighted through potential free contacts by using power of key battery.

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