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New Baby Seat (3 ideas) Printer Friendly Version
On long trips, my active son is strapped into a car seat for many long hours. He would LOVE to stand up, but, of course, that is dangerous when driving. That and other things have made me do some thinking about baby seats. I have three ideas...
First, when my son goes to sleep, the seat tilts so little, that he must literally go to sleep sitting up. It would be nice if the seat could really adjust so that he could be in a more prone position.
Second, to strap my son in, I must go through some more process. Get this seatbelt buckle aligned with this one, put them together, plug them into the receptacle, etc. Why not have a SINGLE STEP baby seat? This not only allows you to get the baby strapped in quickly on those hot days... but allows you to get the baby out easily in an emergency.
Thirdly, and this is the main one, why not use something like a mesh of seatbelt material to create a "safety cage" that allows a young child to stand up (in the back seat), actually move around, and so forth, but would keep him from going through the windshield in an accident?
It would be kind of like a "soft" playpen, since the "cage" would be made of seat-belt material that is woven into a easy-to-see-through mesh. Further, the mesh would be held in place with the use of regular seatbelt buckles, which makes it very easy to close and open. The front of the cage could have a pillow-type material--kind of an already-deployed airbag in case of emergency. It could be machine-washable and so forth.
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Emergency Alert System for Cell Phones and Instant Messaging Printer Friendly Version
Just recently my father's van was stolen from our driveway; with over 5,000 dollars of tools inside. We did report it to the police, but living among the millions of people who also live in Denver, and the fact that it has been four days, my dad considers it a tragic loss.
Lojack would have been a great but now it's to late.
I am proposing a simple cell phone system that would benefit tragic loss, missing persons, advance weather warning, and everything you need to know right at your fingertips. With the advent of cell phones that can display pictures, "and video" people could buy into a system that gives you alerts to your specific area. Kinda like the new "MSN direct watch" (see http://www.msn.com).
Let's say your local bank was robbed and the bank got a good picture of the thief. The bank in conjection with news, and police, would use your phone to alert you to this. If your car was stolen, give the police a picture and within minutes everyone with a picture phone are scanning the highways and byways for a certain vehicle. Just got hijacked? Take a quick picture of the suspect! Or your car driving away. If you can.
What about the innocent? Let the police handle that. And if you'r edoing anything wrong, you deserve to have your face pasted up for the public to see.
It would be like a reverse 911 for cell phones. "Calling ALL cars" suspect on the lose at fifth and main!
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Pod cars Printer Friendly Version
I feel it's time to step way back and re-think our entire transportation system.
Mono rail trains or public transport is nice, but most people don't bother because they still have to get to the depot. If we use the technology we have, we could run a single track everywhere there is now pavement, right to every garage. Wow you say, but how much do we spend now to pave and repave?
What sold me is the endless and amazing list of benefits to this: No more drunk drivers because a computer could be programed to drive the car!(big one), An end to our dependence on foreign oil!(nother big 'un). Much less need for continental air flights! (These monorails could get to California almost before you made it to the airport and got through security)(oh, yeah and decrease terrorist threat by hijacking.) Decrease or eliminate exhaust emitions! (Oh 'nother big 'un). No need for individual car insurance, cause nobody is driving. You could sleep, read, drink or whatever on the ride there. You could send your pod to be maintained, send it to pick up your kids (with onboard camera), send it to get groceries or pizza from the automated store, or send it off to be parked until needed. They could be "parked" on all levels of a high-rise building!
I could see main tracks dedicated to un-interupted long range flow elevated and capable of high speeds. Friction could be reduced to nothing with air cusions or reverse magnets.
Imagine the economic surge when middle class familys didn't have to pay for gas, tires and insurance.
I am not a scientist, but I do think outside the "box" and I know the technology exists, but it's the benefits that keep this idea etched on my brain.
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