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An application to stop using applications Printer Friendly Version
Problem: Mobile phone's addiction.
1) A program for the phone which will be downloaded by the owner's will.
2) Consists of two parts. 1st part - a morning block. The phone blocks all applications (except for SMS and ordinary calls) on the phone for the 30 minutes after the alarm set in the morning, so that owner can't immediately check social networks after awaking.
2nd part - day time block, turns on periodically. The owner should type in a lot of numbers combinations which will appear on the screen. This operation will take 2.5 minutes. It will cut the interest of using the telephone without necessity.

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Mobile for the elderly Printer Friendly Version
There's an entire generation out there that would desperately need mobile phones, but they are more or less barred from their use. I'm talking about elderly people who would love to have a mobile for certain situations, but today's phones are so small and the buttons even smaller that they simply can't use them.
What I am thinking of is a simple device with just a couple of picture buttons - one for calling the doctor, one for a taxi, one for the grand daughter etc. The grand children (or the mobile shop) would program those buttons once and even old people with bad eyes and shaky fingers could easily handle such a device.
Reward: Such a mobile for free for my parents who will need it by the time it has been invented 

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Jay C. Allen
Automatic TV volume control Printer Friendly Version
Are you annoyed by commercials that have a higher level of volume than your favorite TV program?
This device could be used in conjunction with ANY modern Television. It would work similar to the volume control on the television's remote control, however with an additional twist. The device would contain a sound or volume level sensor which would then automatically adjust the sound to the viewer's desired level and keep it there.
>>>[volume sensor]>>>[volume adjust]
Reward: To see it work. 

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