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Kids Compartments in Trains Printer Friendly Version
There are compartments for smokers and non-smokers, there are even women's compartments. Now, why aren't there any compartments for kids?
A lot of people (like myself) enjoy a peaceful train ride. They can do some work, read a book, or simply take a nap. However, all of this is suddenly over if a small child enters the place. I've experienced unbelievable scenes in the last years, including hours of hysterical screaming and provocative stomping around. One time I've even had a used diaper flung in my direction. The mother's only reaction was to be amused about how her little sweatheart had done the trick.
Now, the point is, I really don't care how other people bring up their kids. However, most PARENTS have bad manners and don't realize that not everything their little ones might be doing is necessarily a treat to everybody else. The easiest solution would be to create kids' compartments. Everyone would benefit, most of all the children who would get a chance to play with other kids during the train ride, which would make their trip much more enjoyable.
Reward: A free train ticket. 

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Expanding Stomache Filler Printer Friendly Version
There are foams that that go into an area (the stomache for instance) and when the chemicals mix they form solids. We have starving children and we can make slowly, time released, solid foam stomache fillers to kill hunger and they can contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This is cheaper than vitamin shots and constant expensive feedings. If we add all components for life and kill hunger pains then, we have solved one of the World's most horrific problems. We can also add digestable/time released balloons with lard and other things like medicine for longer life spans or, just add that in the expanding foam product. It comes from what is know as A-B Foam but, that is toxic and is only used as a filler in fiberglass parts.
You could also use this stomache filler, instead of surgery, to shrink the open space of the stomache and lessen hunger in order to loose weight.
Reward: Credit 

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Dual screen = dual user computer Printer Friendly Version
I sometimes find my wife wants to kick me off my computer to use Facebook or something else and I thought that Windows should be able to switch my computer to a dual user mode where I can have 2 mice plugged in and at the click of an icon my two screens could switch to separate user interfaces. Most computers have plenty of processing power and dual screen video cards are very common. This could work with wireless screens (tablets) or any other video device. Audio could be tricky but could easily split a 5.1 into 2 stereo channels or split stereo into 2 channels. I think this could be a great benefit to families that have children sharing computers for homework and other things. I would like to see this as a Microsoft Windows integration.
Reward: Public recognition for the idea and free product would be great. 

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