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alan LaBudde
Altruistic WebCam Avatar Surrogate Printer Friendly Version
Many people are to put it one way "shy" when interacting with people who seem in need on the street, and in the opposite spectrum put off by the removed nature of donating to charities.
I would propose a type of WebCam avatar that would allow people to interact in real time with people in need. Probably initially in the third world. I think many people if they could hide behind the mask that couldn't be torn off of a Santa Claus would be much more free with the distribution of toys or medicines, food, etc. Another person acting as an intelligent avatar via a real-time webcam would be just the sort of shock aborber needed by many people who are embarassed by the word love one to one but would like to play the game anonymously and see other peoples reactions to their generosity.

Initially this webcam could be set up in a third world country where a small donation could go the farthest. It might have to wait for technology to catch up to be truly mobile but could be set up in clinics initially. I think of this as gaining popularity in the same way as a fantasy world like Everquest has online. People could hire others for dollars a day in the third world to build fantasy schools, clinics etc. and maybe even art projects that at the least wouldn't be damaging. I could go on with my own personal ideas but I'd like to allow your imagination to roam.
Reward: credit as possible originator 

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Radio Sports Commentaries Printer Friendly Version
Here’s what is probably a common experience for those who listen to broadcasts of sports events on the radio. You are happily listening to the commentary, when it is rudely interrupted by someone in the studio turning off the commentary and giving score updates from other matches. Now this is fine if you want to know those other scores, but it can be very irritating if you are concentrating on the match being broadcast.
Television solves this problem by visually displaying the score updates in print at the bottom of the screen. The viewer can choose to continue to watch and listen to the game being televised, or choose to read the score updates.
The challenge for radio is this. We need to invent a way of broadcasting the updates from other matches without disturbing the main commentary for those who wish to continue to listen to it. In effect we need to broadcast two conversations at once in such a way that listeners can easily understand whichever one they choose to listen to. If the score updates were given in a quiet and very different voice to the main commentary (eg by using a voice of the opposite sex) would that work? Perhaps the studio could use special computer programs to modify the sound of the sports updates so they would be maximally different to the voice of the main commentary. Or maybe there is some other solution to this problem.

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Fast Transport of Packages Printer Friendly Version
If anyone has ever played the PC game Grim Fandango, there is a machine which sends messages through the DOD building. I think we could expand that idea to have a virtual network of package delivery systems. You would simply put the package into the containter, close the lid and enter where you want the package to go. This would release the package into a very large tube which would push the package to its destination via vacuum. There would be sensors that detect where the package is going, so that when it gets very close (and there is no package between it and the destination, a cushion is released, stopping the package, which is then lifted using a rising platform to where the person at the other destination can get it. The cushion would then be detracted to let other packages flow. The package would be tracked using the FedEx like system (perhaps using GPS technology?) which tracks its packages. The first system would connect major centres, which then would have subsystems to join the major cities in those general areas. Finally a third subsystem might be used to connect the smaller cites in the area, although at this point the current system (e.g. UPS coming to your door using their brown vans) would suffice. So the package would simply go around the globe to major centres, and then put into a different system of package tubes which serves the local area, and so on until it reaches its destination.
Realistically, this is a very long term idea, but in the nearer future it would make sense to connect the hubs that all the package companies fly to with these tubes.
Reward: Less pollution in the air from jets flying packages is ... priceless. 

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