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Window-Free House Printer Friendly Version
After replacing the windows in the house I rent out for the 2nd time, it occurred to me that there is really no longer a need for the windows to be there. With the modern technology we possess today, we could devise a flat screen video projector for the inside of the house, a mini-camera (weather-proof of course), for the outside, and a small central computer processor to organize it all. In this way you could control what images you see when you are sitting in a room, or entertaining.
It would also help with air conditioning (less heat loss, less sunshine to heat up curtains, floors, etc.), and heat. And with the computer controls, if it's raining and nasty out, just turn to the daffadills and gently rolling stream program, or whatever your choice may be. If you wish to see what is going on outside, turn it to standard operation. I would recommend an alternate emergency escape in the event of fire or other emergency.
Reward: give one to me to install in my home. 

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All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge Printer Friendly Version
A microwave, freezer, oven, stove, Etc. Microwave safe, heat resistant, and could even go into your wood burning fire place. You simply hold the remote in your hand to read the Temperature safely at a distance and the tool itself Pokes into the food. You could program all of them to one remote and keep the remote magnatized on your refrigerator to tell you when all of your cooking is being prepared at the right time to coordinate cooking times on multiple food items and sounds an alarm when done cooking where ever they may be. This is the key, hardest part to learn and teach about proper meal preperation and could be used to help teach cooking at Culinary Schools World Wide. Even Bakery Schools! Yummmm!
A porcelin material would be heat resistant and would not disturb the microwave.
Reward: Beats the Old Tool! 

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Green Gym Equipment Printer Friendly Version
ON New Year's Eve I saw a program that took energy from stationary bikes and used it to power the ball drop in Times Square. What is someone used that same concept to power a gym? This could be used on treadmills, spin cycles, stationary bikes, row machines, and eliptical machines. It would be nice to have the device built into the equipment but people will not be willing to purchase new equipment up front, so it would need to be some type of enhancement that could be added to an existing machine until they could afford new equipment. The floors on most gyms are rubber if they needed to be grounded to something. I am not a product designer so couldn't suggest what it should look like or where to be placed on the equipment, but thought it would be wonderful for gyms to be able to create their own power or depending on were they are located, power for other area's. Gyms are located everywhere, in workplaces, free-standing buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, and regular/strip malls. How great would that be to save money and be green.
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