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Toinette Hodges
Pocket Reading Device Printer Friendly Version
My son is in fifth grade. He is dyslexic. It takes him at least 3 times longer to read materials than other children his age. He usually does not comprehend what he reads. However, he is very smart. If someone reads to him, he understands very well and is able to answer any question asked him about the material. I have to read everything to him in the afternoons and evenings to prepare him to go to school the next day and be able to pass. He is very self conscious and hates to be made fun of for his lack of reading skills. When the teacher has to read to him in front of the class, he gets very embarrassed. Many times he gets bad grades because he does not want to ask questions or get help from the teacher because of his embarrassment.
The invention I would like to see become a reality is as follows: A hand-held, portable, small machine that a person can scan reading material with, one line at a time. The machine will have a computer chip that will read the information and repeat the information in audible sound to the reader. This sound should be able to come to the reader through an earplug. This device needs to be small and inconspicuous. I am thinking it would look like a pocket tape recorder with earplugs and another cord with a small reading attachment that would be used to scan with. Or possibly, instead of a second cord, the scanner would be built into the pocket sized device and the entire device would be passed over the reading material to scan it. My son could use this device from now on. He could read the newspaper, directions on packages, books, etc. It would open up a whole new world for him and help him to be the successful adult that I know he can become. Will someone creative please help me make this a reality!!

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Home tresspasser photographer Printer Friendly Version
Battery powered, solar recharged, laser diode creating a barrier around common entryways into your house / doors / windows or even to protect the immediate area around your home (yard). The purpose is that if the laser barrier is broken by a trespasser, photos will be taken of the area where the laser was broken (say five pictures with one second delay) for each laser break. Infrared lasers will allow it to be invisible to the naked eye. The device should automatically delete pictures that are older than a variable amount of days. The days should be determined by the owner during the setup.
Basically if your yard was protected, you would have a laser crossing your yard near your house. The camera is digital and mounted on the house facing the laser barrier and is equipped with a flash. Since it is digital, it will save pictures on a standard flash ram or memory stick (whatever). The flash RAM should not be located with the camera but rather it should be in some other central and safe location. The flash is intended to notify the trespasser that their picture has been taken and to possibly alert neighbors and you and your family of possible danger. Cameras can be fixed to the inside of windows to protect from the elements and allow easy battery change out (like a fire detector).
The purpose is to both scare away trespassers and to identify them for the police. I write this in response to the overwhelming danger to our children from sexual predators. The lasers on the windows could also sound an alarm. This product should be a stand alone set that ANYONE could buy at Wal-Mart or similar discount store.
It may also identify the dog that poops in the yard in the middle of the night.
Reward: I would be rewarded if it was made and people were safer. 

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A Self Driving Car Printer Friendly Version
Machines currently stamp reflectors into the road for night driving. Why not stamp in radio frequency emitters as well along with these reflectors. The frequency emitters emit a tag number and position signal for a receiver on a vehicle to receive to gauge exactly where it is in the road. The vehicle itself is equipped with 4 small radar and 2 large field heat spectro-graph things, on front and rear corners of vehicle. The small radar devices judge the distance between vehicles in front and vehicles behind. They also pick up any new entry vehicles coming into traffic. The heat spectro-graphs are for sensing living things, like little children running out after a ball, dogs, cats, squirrels, moose, deer, cows, and police officers, construction workers, anything living that usually enters the road. Instead of normal electronics that are in cars today, you put in your standard pc configuration + expansion board slots, so you will still get, your radio, cd player, dvd player, television, as such you get now, plus a hell of a whole lot more because now you have processing power in your vehicle. Now people can write software for the vehicle. You will have your basic software, which concerns safety and driving the thing, avoidance maneuvers and shutdowns. Other people may write software for vehicle diagnostics so the owner will know how parts are performing through out the vehicle. Car Navigation software can set the course for the vehicle. The Nav software will be overridden by what the radar sees, and the heat spectrograph sees as to the feasibility of proceeding forward or not. If the road does not exist, the car will know it, and navigation software will reroute the vehicle to other known roads. Maps can be kept up to date by downloading the newly added street additions, and street subtractions from the internet. Traffic congestion and flow can be managed better by knowing current volumes of cars on any given street and re-routing patterns can help make entry and exit from the cities far more efficient and quicker for us all, instead of sitting in a pile of heap of metal, doing nothing for 2 hours, more or less. Instead of having both rows of seats facing forward, turn the front row facing rear, as when this whole automobile thing started when they were pulled by horses, and finally, maybe, we can just talk to each other, get along, and have fun!!!!!!!

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