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American English in schools Printer Friendly Version
All over the world, teachers are obsessed with the idea of teaching kids the "real" British English. This obsession is making it unnecessarily hard for people to actually learn the language. British and American English are different in many ways, and depending on your mother-tongue, one flavor should be considerably easier to learn than the other. British English for example has a very hard and distinct pronunciation of consonants, while American English is softer and blurrier. For people in certain countries, it would make sense to learn the type of English that is closer related to their own language, resulting in quicker learning and less accent.

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Instant Clothesline Printer Friendly Version
Imagine yourself sitting in a garden. It is summer, there is a slight breeze, and there's a clothesline somewhere with white linen sheets that are gently dancing in the sun.
Eeek. Wait a minute. Nobody had the time to wash. You were to lazy (remember, it's summer), but your mother-in-law, wife, husband, and kids didn't come to the rescue. So you're just sitting there. It is hot (remember, it's summer), the garden seems kinda naked and the wind is unnerving...
Introduce: The instant clothesline. Remember those tiny towels that are preshrunk and that you need to put into water before use? The instant clothesline is similar - it's a line with the sheets already on it, just make it wet, unroll, attach to two trees, and voila, here you go. Ahhh, summer peace at last...

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New way to ear movies Printer Friendly Version
I'm from portugal, and in my country some movies (like finding nemo or harry potter) has 2 versions, the original version and the portuguese...
Well, the original version is for adults and teenagers, and the portuguese version is for children, who can't read.
Sometimes i have to go to the movies with my cousins who have 4/5 years and i really have to go to the portuguese version. The childrem make very noise, with screamings and laughing, and sometimes i can't ear a thing, so i think... when i'm in a meeting, and the speaker is french (for example!) i have an headphones, and i'm listening a real time translating of the speaker... why don't we make the same system in portuguese cinemas? so, the parents see the original version, and kids have the phones to ear the portuguese version (or the other way)?!?!?
Reward: the cinemas will save some cash, because they have only one room for the movie instead of 2 rooms, like they do...
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