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Charmaine Tsang
Whiteout Pen Printer Friendly Version
I think that it is much to cumbersome to carry around a pen and a liquid whiteout dispenser at the same time. Since mechanical pencils have erasers on the end why cant pens have white out on the end?
It could be a large capsule-shaped plastic dispenser just slotted in and it will not tip your pen over because it is almost the length of your pen. A groove in the middle will be there for the ink cylinder. (I'm talking ball pens/gel pens not fountain pens) The whiteout will come out like a regular pentel fine-tipped whiteout container- i.e., no brush. (using whiteout like writing a pen) Furthermore, to "open" the pen you will just have to press down the whiteout part. The whiteout dispenser can be exchanged for a new one when empty and similarly with the ink cylinder. You can even get different coloured whiteout for different coloured paper.
Reward: A whole bunch of these pens free and the brand named after me. 

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Colored White Out Printer Friendly Version
White out only comes in white and I am a mother and have had helped my kids with projects with colored poster board, but I ran into a problem when we had made a mistake on the poster board. The only option we had was to white it out or start over on a new piece of poster board. White out on colored poster board looked tacky. So I thought why not have white out made for colored paper. So with this colored white out, mistakes made could be covered with a very similar color and then mistakes are less noticeable and even more fun.
Reward: Help in creating colors for the new white out 

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Guest Book On The Moon Printer Friendly Version
Plant a closable metal box securely onto the surface of the moon with non-biodegradeable paper and pen too sign your name, date, or any other message in the book, as we will all (some day) be able to charter a space plane to the moon, to sign the book. The sponsor could leave an ad and charge by line in the book, or books. You could also be buried there, or leave a plaque or tile with your name or a flag of your company or heritage as long as we don't clutter the moon's surface. We could narrow it down to the essentials and I think a guest book and charge would be best, as well as the sponsor's name on the box and book.
Reward: Just a thought that would become obvious soon any way. No reward other than being the first to say it here. 

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