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Child Safe Packaged Gift Opener Printer Friendly Version
Much like a rolling blade with a handle for cutting fabric combined with the blades of children's cutting scissors, it would cleanly and easily open any type of gift wrap or box or tape or ribbon which could be recycled for later use by cutting rather than ripping. This would reduce the amount of mess on any given Holiday by not having a lot of scraps to pick up afterwards amongst other problems. Also, it is almost always practically impossible to get at your gift through all the packaging, so we just roll the blade over the packaging (of whatever kind) and it cuts open without effort and not damaging the gift. They could be given out taped to the gift. The general design is just a child safe rolling blade and a handle (of any color) taylored for cutting certain materials since fabric cutters won't do it. The handles could come as a child would want it such as animals (also prehistoric) or cartoons or whatever the kids like these days.
Reward: A packaged gift (of your choice) and an opener. 

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Automatic Irrigator Valve Printer Friendly Version
There are many references in various electronic journals, design, or D-I-Y magazines to devices, which deliver water to plants based on monitoring the dryness of the surrounding soil.
All of them are electronic circuits, which require power for monitoring and power for the valve that delivers the water. The power has to be low voltage and available at the plant being watered.
The idea proposed now is to develop a non-electrical direct acting automatic irrigator, which can be attached to any drip irrigation system, or even any water pipe.
There are many polymers and polymer gels some of which are humidity sensitive. Choose one, which is not bio-degradable and changes volume with humidity. Make a low pressure valve with a rod made of this polymer attached to the valve seat. Bury this part of the valve at the place moisture has to be monitored.
On drying, the rod contracts letting out water. On hydration, the rod expands sealing off the water.
Reward: Greener Plants 

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Programmed Muscle Movement Printer Friendly Version
Map the human body by collecting electronic impluses of muscle contractions during daily movements. (the suit design similar to the animations industry use on live models to record movement for animated characters created in the computer/movie industry) Assign each lead with # or note, record the impulse firing sequences. A parapalegic should be able to wear a wired body suit powered by a small device that delivers the electronic stimulus to muscles that are programmed into an mp3 or ipod. There would be stored sequences for each activity; such as walk straight ahead, veer right, sit down etc. Most of our movements have counter muscle movements needed for balance, this would fire multiple muscle groups in the natural order. Change your direction, change the song!
Reward: Have someone in Animation animate a Real Human Body! 

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