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Length-Adjustable Power & Other Lines Printer Friendly Version
I am neither a terribly neat person nor a person suffering from mysophobia, yet I would love to clean up the mess behind the multi-media section in my home where I had put my television, stereo, play station, video plyer, cable box, and some other appliances such as telephone. So naturally, behind all these would be a jungle of "needlessly" long cables.
Presently, I had tied the cables into groups which helped a little in solving the problem. It would be really helpful if the cables were the RIGHT length or make wireless appliances, which I believe is on the way. However, in the mean time, why not make the power cables and other interconnecting cables adjustable. One way would be to have the cables coil up hidden within a aplliance so you could pull out the exact length of cable. This would be useful when re-locating your furniture, too.
Also consider making the cables bendable, I mean have some kind of wire withing the cable to make them take a certain shape. Then, it would be possible to have the cables running tightly along the corners and edges without using tapes or other untidy things.
Home appliances are evolving day by day in the technical sense. Length adjustable cables can be achieved without highly advanced technology. Please make them for me. Thanks.

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Comfort bra Printer Friendly Version
Ok, I got this idea after my girlfriend complained about women suffering from wearing wired bra which makes it very painful. So we sat down and did some brainstorming and came up with the idea of substituting the wire with something else. Maybe something like industrial silicon gel which is perfect as it is softer than a wire and it has elasticity and durability, not to mention making it extemely comfortable.
Reward: well, if anyone thinks this idea is great and wants to start a new line of women Bra, lemme know, maybe we could collaborate. It's got big business potential. You heard it here first! 

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Portable movie theater Printer Friendly Version
This would be similar to a handheld media player/video ipod- except that it would have a built-in projector that you could use to project the image onto any wall. It would need to be super high-tech to be able to fit the projector lens and a high powerful speaker system into a handheld device. For business people, It could also have a keychain remote control and have the ability to read and display powerpoint files.
Reward: A free unit for myself. 

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