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Open Sesame - auto garage door opener Printer Friendly Version
Problem: I gotta push da button when I get home to open my garage door. Why?
Solution: It seems, with the ready availability of wireless controls that my car can tell my garage door to open (and close). When I drive home, approach the garage, and get close enough that it's pretty obvious I'm going in, the garage door can open. Technically it's no challenge - we have wireless openers - we just need the car to automatically transmit the open command. We have key controls to unlock our, and only our, car - so we can have secure openers. The opener can also be smart enough to close the door when you leave.
While I'm at it, I want a smarter, wireless car interface - but that's another posting.
Reward: Just to know how much happier the world is. 

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Tom Potter
Change "fall back" date for Halloween Printer Friendly Version
During Daylight Savings Time clocks are turned forward an hour, effectively moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.
Unfortunately this steals an hour of daylight just before Halloween, and greatly increases the danger to the millions of little children who are rushing the streets in search of candy, while their fathers are madly rushing home to help pass out the goodies,
It would make Halloween much safer for the children and put less stress on the fathers to get home, if the "fall back" of daylight savings time was changed to November 1.

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Securing audio/visual equipment Printer Friendly Version
This is a very simple concept but I'm amazed that I haven't seen it yet. Why can't we have smart cards for audio and visual home equipment? Why not a smart card activated hi-fi? It won't turn on without the card and won't turn off unless you remove the card... Or what about the removeable fascia that was used for a car stereo? why not have a fascia that operates both your home and car stereo? I prefer the smart card idea though. If you lose it all you have to do is bring your receipt to the store and they can 'chip' a new one for you - maybe it would be linked to the serial number of the equipment? It just seems to me that since so many homes get broken into why can't your stereo or vcr or TV have that extra level of protection that makes them useless if they're stolen?
Reward: Getting the smart-card protected device for free would be reward enough for me. 

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