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Spill Proof Beverage Cans Printer Friendly Version
A beverage can that is shaped like a cone so that it is wider at the bottom but, one you can still grab ahold of and drink from. This would prevent any spill from happening due to it's shape. They make cups like this all ready (and tippy cups for kids or water bottles) but, if the can manufacturers would kindly shift to this cone shape it would prevent that friday night spill or any spill for that matter. I can't think of any other way to keep it from spillling. You can't put beer in juice boxes, glue a magnet to the bottom and have a magnetic coaster, or pour more aluminum in the bottom to weigh it down, or put anything inside the open container to weigh it down because that would add more cost to the product. But, if you like one of those ideas as well then, let me know with a reply right away.
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Eatable Tooth Picks And Other Food Related Items Printer Friendly Version
If you want your drinks with an olive or your pre-dinner snacks while entertaining guests, then you want them alive (they are more fun that way!). So, you simply make everything from finger sandwhiches to finger food stuck with something that can be digested. Wood can splinter and you can choke on them. You can make candy tooth picks and enjoy extra flavor. The kids would love to suck on a hard sugar cinnamon tooth pick as well, so it is fun for the whole family. Other products like utensils, cups, plates or other items related to eating and drinking can be made eatable as well. Or they could simply be a kind of candy anyone could partake in!
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"Two angles - two programs" TV screen Printer Friendly Version
I wonder why so many ideas are about inventing the perfect TV...
Anyway, here's another one. ;) You probably know those postcards where you can flip the card and suddenly you see a different image. I've also seem money machines where the screen will turn black when you're standing just a few degrees away from the center of the screen.
Why not combine both, and invent a TV screen that will show two or even three different programs depending on your viewing angle?
Ever noticed that when you go to a pub to watch football, there are only men watching? Solve the problem by showing the shopping channel or the Chippendales on the same screen, just from a diffent angle. Ever had discussions in your family about what program to watch? No big deal! The smaller kids (who are sitting on the floor) can watch Disney, while mom (or dad), who is busy ironing, can see her favorite soap opera on the same screen.
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