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nicholas anthony
Amusement Park Attraction Printer Friendly Version
In Ohio there are several amusement parks. New rides typically cost $8- $16 million (Taken from an article in USA Today called "Roller coaster lovers get a new high — 420 feet"). Top Thrill Dragster cost $25 million (same source). I imagine it also costs a lot of money to operate these rides each year. With all this money being spent, what if amusement parks used the money for a different attraction? I want to see a never-ending treasure hunt. The amusement parks could start the hunt with $2 million. They could take the average of operating all the rides and add the money to the hunt each year. People could find tokens anywhere in the park that would be traded in for money. The $2 million could be split up into any dollar amount, e.g. $200, $1000, $500000. All the tokens would be hidden. The more valuable tokens could be camouflaged to look like it was a part of the park, e.g. clear tokens in the water park. I used to find others lost change as a kid in a nearby amusement park. I found a lot of things but money was the most fun. I hope this would bring as much fun as I had growing up, of course this would be on a much larger scale.
Reward: A head start would be nice :) but a discounted ticket would be nice too. 

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Roman Leinwather
"Bet and Win" Fund Printer Friendly Version
Betting on sport events is somehow similar to stock trading: Complete amateurs can lose a lot of money, but for the expert, it's a serious source of income.
Because picking the right stocks can be tricky, a lot of people choose to buy fund shares and have an expert take care of their money. The obvious advantage is that someone can work on the stocks full-time, and due to the large amounts of money involved, any transaction generating even a small percentage is worthwhile.
I am sure that a true sports expert could do a similar job by placing money on sports bets: With enough time and experience, it would be possible to determine which bets - compared with the risk - have the best odds, and dividing the risk among many bets, the flow of profits could be rather continuous.
Reward: Consider me as a fund manager. 

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zyx Rationalist
Education for Every Child Printer Friendly Version
People can create a scheme where they can invest money that will be used to educate children till they are 25 years of age. After 25, these (children) should be made compulsory to return money to the scheme in installments with interest. This money will be given back to people in their old age till they die. In this way, we can educate each and every poor child in this world and let not old go hungry any more.
Reward: Thank me at mailto:zyxRationalist@yahoo.com

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