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Plug-in Thermostat Switch With Wireless Sensor Printer Friendly Version
This would be a device that you would plug into a wall and plug a heating appliance, such as a slow cooker or dehydrator, into the device. You would set the thermostat for the temperature you would like the food in the appliance to maintain, or possibly two temperatures: one for the appliance to turn on at when it falls below it and one for it to turn off at when it reaches it.
The sensor would be wireless, like some modern thermometers, and sealed such that it could be completely submerged in the food. Putting the sensor in the food is more accurate than putting it in the appliance, especially in a cold room.
Making it wireless and sealed would eliminate the problem of cords holding the lids and covers of appliances ajar. One could even screw the lid onto a jar with the sensor inside. This would be useful for anaerobic food ferments like sauerkraut. I would use it with a crockpot and a dehydrator that I bought at a thrift store.
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Couch-Chair-bed Combination Printer Friendly Version
A couch-chair that has both the qualities of a couch and a chair. Instead of a flimsy recliner, where it holds up your feet on a lift, you have a total feeling of comfort, where the whole unit is one connected piece and goes from the floor to your body and feet, insuring that it will never break and you can jump in and out of it at will. You would still have arms on the chair, but never have to worry about bringing up the foot rest. It is all ready there. When you add an extra long solid foot rest than you get a couch-chair-bed, that you can sleep in at any time for one person snuggly. The point is, you would never have to buy another chair because this one does it all and never breaks. It works to do everything any other piece of furniture does, but takes up less space and you can arrange them around the room like a sorrounding couch, only better.
Why not buy four, or one for each person. A great gift and very comfortable. The whole couch-chair-bed just looks like a long arm chair and is atractive in all rooms. You can add all the recliner features to the back and lay flat and/or have a wall hugger unit.
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Jeans and Pants that have a Zipper in the Back Printer Friendly Version
With a zipper and/or buttons in the back, just like the ones in front, we can solve many problems. First of all those of us who haven't a common pants size have no way to purchase said product from a normal store. We are either to chubby or too short and chubby to find our size. Also, we have a stylish way of wearing our jeans hanging down low and we can either have the option of the proper tight fit pants or go for the low style at any graduated point we set the back too. In many places such as schools and Universities and other places, it is not allowable to wear your jeans down around the hips exposing your under garments, so we just button or zip up in the back and the problem is solved. If we wear these pants when we over eat we could then take off the pressure on the jeans and allow room for a good fit until digestion takes place. These pants could be worn backwards as well which is another style all together. Many problems could be solved by these size changing jeans and pants I am proposing here.
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