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50 Year Hanging Calendar Printer Friendly Version
I hate to go out every year and have to pick out a new calandar! Why can't someone make one last for fifty years so that people like me can hang them on the wall and when they drag you out dead in fifty years they would find the only clean spot in your place would be behind your fifty year calandar. Why every year? Why a desk calendar?
I don't want a one year calandar and I don't think you can write on a desk calandar. Just make the pictures different for each month, make them good photos or drawings or paintings or suprise me with all of that stuff. I just need a place to write down birthday's, vacations, appointments, and everything else. If anything, make the calandar bigger so that I can write a whole lot of stuff on one day. I might actually be going to the Dentist on my Father's Birthday and I need more room on that Tuesday to write it down on. Of course you know that the day would be different every year but, we have ways of knowing that ahead of time, especially with my new and improved version of the over-sized fifty year hanging calandar.
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Portable Night Light Toys Printer Friendly Version
Toys instead of plug in devices to light the room. The child can take the light with them anywhere, even under the covers, to grandmas house and sleep-overs. The whole toy can light up and be an animal or anything imagined that a child would like to be with or grow-up with. What ever they want in a portable night light toy. They can even collect them! All different colors and shapes. They can come in with switches to change the range of light from bright to low light. Maybe even, eventually, make glow in the darm pillows or bedding to go with all those stars and moblies and glowing toys. Battery operated or glow in the dark. Imagine a glow in the dark toy with a switch to go from low to bright light. It has never been done. You could do it with a fluid filled glow in the dark bear and batteries. Plush toys or soft pastic and plush. If I was a child, I wouldn't want the night light in the dangerous outlet away from me, I would want it under the covers with me safe away from all the nightmares and monsters of the World outside the bed covers where I could be protected by it and have it as a friend to hug.
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petros pavlopoulos
Working at the company Printer Friendly Version
I imagine a company that it's job would be to improve the productivity of the employes of large companies, by using sound, image and perfums in the offices.
In every office there will be some small speakers that would play soft sounds in low volume such as classical music, sounds of the natures, rivers, sea, trees etc. It would be better to have different music in every office. The images would be on the desktop of their computers and they would appear images of nature and anchient goods or photos from history. The image would appear softly at the beginning and in specific time zones, never in specific times, so to be as unexpected as possible.
The perfumes that would smell in specific time zones the office (room) would be such as mud, trees, flowers etc. The important thing in smells and images is to be unexpected in time and in way.
All this is hapening to make everybody realize that the company that has this system is really interesting of their employees and has a good social profile. This system will make the job (in the company which uses it) an expirience, an expirience that worths to try, so many people would like to work there not giving many attention to other things (salary, future etc.) but to the quality environment.
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