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Furnace Modification Printer Friendly Version
I have a hot water heating system. The furnace heats the water in the small expansion tank, which goes thru pipes along the baseboards to heat the rooms. This same system also supplies the hot water to showers and sinks. In the cold of winter, average burning about 6 gals of oil per day to take care of these needs, and with ever increasing cost of oil, this gets expensive. My idea is that like one of these small electric immersion things that can put in a cup of water to heat it up. Could something on a large scale, some type of heat probe be inserted into the expansion tank of the heating system. After the furnace has heated the water sufficently, this item, powered by electricity, could then keep the water at the needed temperature, without having to use the furnace again, therefore saving the cost of burning oil. Could this implement be thermostaticaly controled, so that as water cooled, it automaticaly came on to bring water back up to the temperature needed ?
Reward: To get this, and needed accessories, and installation for free, and/or to be used as a test market for such item. 

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Name Your House Printer Friendly Version
We could use adding more uniqueness and character to our homes and add that to our address. We could set up a real National Paid Directory of house addresses and there names with each name different from any other. We now name stars and boats so, why not our homes?! We could get really creative and it could reflect our families personalities or the house or anything you can imagine from any real or made up word or short sentence ever spoken from time immortal in any language you choose. It could make placing address look ups for any business or home on CD or at another company an easy process; you just need to enter a name of the house and the full address comes up since each is unique world wide or unique to your country.
Reward: Name one after me! That would be...Aaron Steven Burns. (Officially). But, please don't fraud my debit card. 

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Brendan. M.D. Basone.
Aids cure Printer Friendly Version
This would invove the genetic modification of Amoeba cells and/or primate animal cells, that is Lymphocytes to make new cells. These new cells would attack Aids virus cells and perhaps others but not human cells. They would on the surface be alike human cells, free from attack of the hosts immune system. They would also be chosen or modified to move through human tissues effectively. That is the brain the blood vessels etcetera. For other animals have better immune systems than ours concerning some diseases and some Amoeba are very simple life forms. Amoebas can be cultured injected and later destroyed with an antibiotic. First for aids then...
Reward: A little support in my future altruistic business ventures. 

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