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Water Bed Chairs And Couches Etc. Printer Friendly Version
Living room furniture made from water bed, liquid cushion furniture. This would be more comfortable and conform better to you back side (your butt) than gel cushion, but you could add a gel cushion backing for extra support. Basically you have a comfortable foam box shaped holding tank for the seat cushion filled with a water bed, liquid filled cushion. This takes the support and comfort from the bed room and brings it to the rest of the furniture in the house; your living room arm chairs and couches or any other furniture that can use this type of cushioning.
Reward: A whole living room full of this type of furniture! 

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Mini USB Converter for iDevices Printer Friendly Version
Most people nowadays have a blackberry, android, or iPhone as their smartphone. As you well know, Android and Blackberry use a mini-USB cable to recharge their batteries whereas Apple has their own unique cable. I propose the creation of a case that holds the backup battery for the iPhone/iPad/iPod and is charged by a mini-USB; when you plug it in, it charges itself and the iDevice.
So, if you ever run out of battery at your friend's house and their phone is powered by a mini-USB cable, you can use their cable to charge your phone and case at the same time. When the battery on your iDevice runs out, you turn the case on and it charges your iDevice from its backup battery. The case also serves the dual-purpose of providing protection against damage.
Reward: a FREE product 

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Static Electric Battery Recharger Printer Friendly Version
What this recharger does is collect static electricity, from the air, 24 hours a day and would charge your devices when you plug them in. The air inside your house contains tons of static to begin with. Why else would we have products that remove it from our clothes. Using materials that are very sensitive to static, it would constantly build a stronger and stronger charge then it would convert this to standard electricity and charge your battery or batteries with a Universal plug in to all devices thus, providing free electricity forever to your batteries since all batteries in today's devices contain very little electricity and use very little as well. The converter is not hard to build since electricity is all basically the same. You can easily build it with a balloon on your hair or with feathers or cetain fabrics and there are materials that react to static that would be more feasable to use.
Reward: Credit 

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