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george g moore
Cheap fast house Printer Friendly Version
I used to make furninture I had a modern spray set-up where the fluid was forced out of the carbided nozzle by physical pressure not by air (Lincoln makes this). The spray salesman at the time and me figured that it would be possible to make a slurry of cement and spray that also.
Now you construct a large rubber bladder, like the bladder of a football, but this one ten feet around and in a bullet shape about ten foot tall. Then you blow up the bladder and you spray on some cement then you add coating of chicken wire then you spray on and on and on building up the layers. When the coating is thick enough and dry you deflate the bladder and take it out the entry-way or the window that you purposedly built in. Then you put it someplace else and inflate it again. All kinds of shapes all kinds of entries permitted, doors and windows. Larger, larger sizes would require pre-stressed steel rods. Oh! and color could be added right off
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french bibles (segond translation) to give away 

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Portable Night Light Toys Printer Friendly Version
Toys instead of plug in devices to light the room. The child can take the light with them anywhere, even under the covers, to grandmas house and sleep-overs. The whole toy can light up and be an animal or anything imagined that a child would like to be with or grow-up with. What ever they want in a portable night light toy. They can even collect them! All different colors and shapes. They can come in with switches to change the range of light from bright to low light. Maybe even, eventually, make glow in the darm pillows or bedding to go with all those stars and moblies and glowing toys. Battery operated or glow in the dark. Imagine a glow in the dark toy with a switch to go from low to bright light. It has never been done. You could do it with a fluid filled glow in the dark bear and batteries. Plush toys or soft pastic and plush. If I was a child, I wouldn't want the night light in the dangerous outlet away from me, I would want it under the covers with me safe away from all the nightmares and monsters of the World outside the bed covers where I could be protected by it and have it as a friend to hug.
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Double Pained Pipes and Hoses Printer Friendly Version
Just like storm windows, a double pipe can keep the weather out, but PVC and steel pipes break in the winter even when they are insulated if they are single pipes. I have seen that pipes of any kind (plastic, steel, copper, etc.) used in any application come in any size you want them in. If you have a one inch pipe then you place the hardly useable insulation over it tightly, then you place a slightly larger pipe over it which provides a pocket of air around the inner pipe which will never freeze since it is never exposed to the air. Even glass can produce this effect. Imagine how easy this quick fix is for any type of pipe especially a plastic pipe of some sort when you are passing a liquid of any kind through it and you do not want its temperature to change.
This idea is applicable to rubber hoses as well or any material holding any liquid where the temperature of the liquid is to remain the same. The real use is too keep the plumber away from the house when the pipes freeze because they are payed exorbitant prices and it takes days to go through an entire wall to repair and/or replace a pipe or hose.
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