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What if your belongings could TALK Printer Friendly Version
I lose things all the time. My cell phone, the remote, my purse, all sorts of objects are constantly squirting out of my grasp and getting lost, and I then spend countless hours searching... okay it's not that extreme, but it is annoying to lose stuff in your house and wander around looking for it.
The product I imagine is a small round device with a button and a tiny speaker, with some adhesive on the back, you could peel and stick onto any item you are always losing. It uses voice recognition software similar to the way your cell phone can dial off voice commands. You hit the button to program it with that item's name. Or you could name it anything you like - name your purse Louis if you are so inclined. Then your item would be able to call out to you to aid in your search. You could call out "remote?" and your remote would either beep or answer back "here I am!". I imagine selling a package of these on TV commercials ("operators are standing by") for one lowlow price.
I have seen a similar product sold by Sharper Image, but it didn't use voice recognition, and it had a base unit which was enormous, and the tags to apply to your belongings were huge. Maybe technology can't make it small enough...
Reward: free product, credit for the idea~ 

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Desert houses Printer Friendly Version
Building a house in the desert with very little material. Basically instead of building the house, dig it up. Add on some self tainting glass roof to benefit from all the sun light, a couple of solar panels in the 'underground' garden, which is obviously at the same level as your house (i.e. underground) and some system to recycle water for a month or so, while waiting for the next delivery by truck.
Would be great in Algeria where there is over 2 million squares kilometers of desert to grab and the state gives you free concessions for 99 years. Could turn into an estate (they give up to 100 square kilometers for free) and start up some hi tech, hi added value products business and ensure enough cash for the whole environmentally friendly thing to work out.
Problems: haven't got a clue on the architecture and technical stuff surrounding such a building project?
Reward: A free Saharan dug up house like this. 

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Monitor Art Printer Friendly Version
An art device for an upscale audience. You know those new flat tvs and computer monitors with the great resolution. Have several wall-mounted throughout the home or business. (plug hidden of course) Have them networked to a simple server that stores high pixel pictures of fine art: eg: Picasso, Monet, Renoir, etc...what suits your palette...and matches to drapes! The idea being that with a fairly low lit, flat, simply bordered (framed) monitor...these famous paintings are yours for free to display. And kind of a "trompe l'oeill" effect...as, if you're really particular, the screen size could even be the same size of the original painting. And if you get tired of that particular Pollack...perhaps too busy/ dizzy, change periodically with the click of a mouse to something more contemplative...like a Rothko or an Albers. Just a suggestion. Or...if you're having guests over that prefer something else...or change periodically during an evening of entertaining...like a very slow computer slide show.
Reward: several monitors for my estate... 

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