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Electronic Swear Jar That Calculates Money Printer Friendly Version
A swear jar with lid where you place coins or cash to be counted going in and has an alarm if someone tries to steal from it. It would have an amount digital read-out and a time/date stamp to keep track of all things going in and out and of course the reset button when you remove all the cash for that special day when you spend the money or donate it to a charity (your best choice). The locked lid would have a slot for cash and holes for coins. This would count money going in and store it inside until further notice by owner. I believe that the lid could be constructed small enough to fit a standard canning jar of large size and that way you could see the cash inside to see that it truely is secure in the jar. The alarm goes off when someone takes the lid off the jar.
Reward: A good name for this jar... I would call it Sir Counts Alot! Ha! 

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Allen D Leftwich
New Tax Rules Printer Friendly Version
Some years ago, my college roomate asked me an interesting question about our current system of taxation. He was wondering if the democracy that we have would improve if the taxed citizens were allowed to choose where the money went. They would pick the important programs by giving a certain percentage of their tax money to different government agencies. A new tax form would have to be devised that would allow the paying public to allot a percent of their money to different departments of the government. There would be between twenty and thirty different categories. Examples would include National Defense, Department of the Treasury, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, Research and Developement, NASA, welfare, foreign aid, National disaster relief and prevention, National Debt reduction and several other general categories where the Federal government spends your money. This would be like casting your vote in the most important way, with your dollars. I am quite sure that with the great diversity of National concerns nothing important would be left underfunded.
Included in the twenty or more categories would be a miscellaneous block. This is for the people that don't give a care where the money goes, or forget to make the percentages in the blocks add up to one hundred percent. This would also insure that if something important is underfunded, it can receive adequate resources. The legislators would then decide where that money would be spent. It is important that we not shoot ourselves in the foot by not putting an adequate percentage number in the categories that directly concern ourselves.
Reward: Just get it done. 

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Gurkan Fishluver
FisH saver Printer Friendly Version
I have been collecting fish for about 6 months but the problem is that my tropical fish keeps dying. ): So what i was thinking of doing is making a fish saving device. It works by recording the water temp, ph level, oxygen level, amount of food eatin etc. and automatically fixing the problem by adding food and/or by adding oxygen or heating the water. This would work with the settings which has been made.
*save money
*good for environment (fish flushing)
*helthier fish
Reward: ummm.. Heroes of the might and magic 2,3 and 4 and full version would be nice. 

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