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Paint to Fix Leaks in Roof Printer Friendly Version
Having suffered from a leaking roof for many years (a roof that has defied all attempts to fix it) my idea is for a product that can be used by anyone. Simply paint on the ceiling of the room below to stop the water coming through.
The products currently available to stop damp penetration simply don't work when water is actively dripping through the roof, so something stronger is urgently required. I don't have the courage to climb a ladder outside and wouldn't know what to do once I got onto the roof. Also, I am tired of paying roofers to fail to fix the roof. I'm sure there are many people in my situation.
I'm aware that this would be a purely cosmetic effect and not a "proper" cure but I'm sure there would still be a healthy market for this. I can't be the only desperate homeowner with a leaking roof who has tried everything and who despairs of ever being able get her bedroom decorations to last longer than one rainstorm!
Reward: Free product 

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Heat Wrap Color Change Paint Protectant Printer Friendly Version
What heat wrap is is a shiny coating of an adhesive plastic that protects boats and other manufactured products of large size for transport. It is adhered to the surface with industrial hair dryers (basically an extremely hot hair dryer) so, on any average day anywhere in the world the sun and heat have no way to melt it thusly it protects what is underneath from all weather (it is weather-proof). If you wanted to cheaply change the color of your standard vehicle safely this could be done since a professional can peel off heat wrap without disturbing the paint or undercoating. It could be applied with heat in a similar way as window tinting only it is done with heat at very high temperatures. The edges of the heat wrap would simply conform to the outer surface and whereever it is not needed you would cut it off with a standard razor blade. You could also add any color mixtures or designs or even just cut them out of the heat wrap material and heat them to what is already there. It is also very easy material to work with!
Reward: A color change when needed or wanted. 

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Cool Pen Printer Friendly Version
I definitely like the metalic paint that is used on special made motorcycles. Though it cost about $500 a galon.
A pen may cost only a few dollars, and on paper the ink would change colors in the light.
Kids would love it.
Teachers would hate it.
Reward: A few dozen pens. 

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