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Rethinking the 'Smart Pen' Printer Friendly Version
I feel that smart pens could be vastly improved. at the time of this writing, I find it funny that the best one on the market is the Fly Pentop. The remaining pens are mainly handwriting recognition.
I have created a series called brainstorm guy, and its a video outlining my ideas/inventions. you can watch my smart pen episode (my debut episode) here:
Below is a summery/expanded ideas and thoughts to the video, so please watch it first.
basics of current smart pens:
1. input (handwriting recognition)
2. output (speaker based User Interface)
3. processing (what runs the pen)
4. connectivity (getting notes from the pen)
5. battery (power)
6. pen (it highly advanced super glorious ball point roller technology)
1. size (too large)
2. cost (expensive)
3. User Interface is limited
4. 3rd party support is lacking
5. special paper
pen only needs:
1. input
2. connectivity
3. battery
4. pen
add your favorite cellphone to handle:
1. processing
2. output.
this solves problems 1-4.
problem 5 is hard to get away from, but being able to use 3rd party development alternate uses will come to light.
Now some things I didn't cover in the video:
If the pen, also contained a stylus, you could use a piece plastic anoto page to have a surface to write on.
because this is based on using a cellphone, you can transmit your messages to anyone, so passing notes is extremely easy.
also being cellphone technology, you could draw the cellphone keys and remotely control your cellphone with out touching it.
now internet access come into play using cellphones/computers so updating blogs and such becomes easier in a since, it would allow you to choose a smaller phone that lacks a qwerty keyboard. (like the n95 ;P)
you can created a tablet like input to your computer.
Reward: please allow a lot of users to beta test the device before releasing it and try to keep it as open as possible. 

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Surprise Birthday Printer Friendly Version
Ever tried to organize a surprise birthday for a friend? Well, the huge problem about surprise birthday parties is that they never actually come as a surprise - people KNOW when they have birthday, so if someone takes you to a surprise place on your birthday, it isn't very hard to guess what's gonna happen.
Introduce the REAL surprise birthday. Let the government give everyone a random surprise birthday that changes on a yearly basis. Make the info available to everyone except the person celebrating his/her birthday. Will solve other problems, too, e.g. people heading for a round birthday won't have time for a midlife crisis. Also, people whose birthday used to be in December will get a fair chance to celebrate it when it's nice and warm.
Reward: Throw a surprise birthday party for me. 

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Spinning Fan Blades meet Megaphone Printer Friendly Version
I had realized that all children are fascinated with the neat sound effects and voice sounds you get from speaking through a mega-phone (and its effects) and seperately a regular spinning fan to cool yourself off with. Besides all the other things you could place at the end of a mega-phone; I was thinking that the sounds and voices coming through a mega-phone would sound really cool if it passed through the mega-phone and then spinning fan blades for the effects. Kids would love it!
Different speeds, the other effects would alter and you could make some pretty freaky effects for something like a Halloween party or any other time you really want to freak someone out. "Luke... I am your Father!"
Reward: Free product or the proto-type... I will enscribe it myself. 

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