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Stephen F. Wrona
Look- alikes web site Printer Friendly Version
How about an internet site where people could submit an electronic photo of themselves. (Perhaps two photos; one frontal facial, and one side facial.)
A computer would then analyze the photos and create groups of photos in which the members of the group look very much alike.
You could then log into the site and find someone who looks just like you. Who knows? You might discover that you are a twin and have never been told!
Then once a year, a look-alike get-together would be held, and people from all over the world would come to meet with their look-alike(s). Humans would then discover the powers of fractality. Yes, there is power in numbers. The body must come together.
Geneticists could be present at the get-together to make studies. For example: two people look amazingly alike. does this mean they are geneticly close matches?

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Bare Car Printer Friendly Version
Prof. Victor Papanek talked in his book 'Design for the Real World', about how more than a ton of metal is used to move a 150 pound human from place to place.
Many of the National Labs in USA are working on developing self-contained suits for use by the National Security people for use in all kinds of emergencies.
Most of a car is designed to provide a micro-environment to the occupant.
The idea proposed is:
Can a simplified version of the special protection suit be used in conjunction with a skeletal, light weight transporter, which could even have only three wheels and the drive mechanism in an open execution?
Such a transporter may weigh less than a third of the present cars and probably run for quite a while on a tank of gas.
Reward: Less pollution. Saving non-renewable fossil fuels. 

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Silence the sleep Printer Friendly Version
We all know about caffeine and what it does to sleep. Hence if you want to wake up early you should drink coffee, but u can't do that while u r asleep can u ? But the caffeine in the coffee is capable of fighting the sleep.
So I present u all the concept of the Alarm Pill. Caffeine (or its substitute) should be packed in a pill. This pill should be such that it will melt completely only after say 6 hours such that caffeine will be released in us only after 6 hours (maybe 5 or 4 hours as required by the consumer). After the caffeine is released in us in 15 minutes it will reach our brain and voila we will be wide awake without an alarm.
P.S. Just don’t chew up the pill.
Reward: Search for "zyx" in CreativityPool.com and send email to everybody in your address book asking them to do the same; U have to do this because more the people know about this idea the better are its chances of being manufactured for u to use. 

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