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Audio tagging with TV broadcasting Printer Friendly Version
Ever heard a piece of music you really like during a TV programme, film or commercial, but not known what it is?
With TV broadcasting, other data is also broadcast with the pictures (eg subtitles). So why not broadcast the info around current music being played during a programme? By clicking on a button you could get the name of the song. This would mean when you hear something you like you can instantly find out what it is, and who it is by.
Take this a step further and, using a hard drive, the music could be instantly downloaded (bought). TV companies would no longer have to pay royalties to use music as the music companies would see it more like advertising. And the public would have a much easier way of buying the music they like.
Reward: a bigger music collection 

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Electronic Receipts for Traditional Purchases Printer Friendly Version
Purchases made in person in stores have a disadvantage for customers in that there is no electronic record of the purchase available for the customer, only a paper receipt. Since receipts are often needed for returns, proof-of-purchase, rebates, etc., there is motivation to mimic internet sales with electronic receipts. If the customer was willing to give their email address to the store clerk, these could be sent by email (along with advertising). If the customer wanted to remain anonymous, but still wanted a receipt, there could be a swip-able card that could record the purchase information (and advertisements).
Reward: Recognition for development of the idea. 

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Stig Bakke's brother Stig
New Release Update Service Printer Friendly Version
Yes, everyone knows that Harry Potter's latest is being released today, but how often have you gone to a book or record store and noticed that something new had been released by your favorite less-well-known author or artist six months ago without you notincing?
It happens to Stig and me all the time: if your tastes are anything other than completely mainstream, you can't count on being informed by advertising, and you might miss a product you'd like to have.
Why not create a database where you can input your favorite artists, and they'll send you an email whenever they release something new? You could customize it to send you a reminder weeks in advance, or the day of the release, and wouldn't miss out.
I'm sure major publishers would appreciate (read: sponsor) this, since more people would buy the product at the release date, and less would buy used or ignore it completely.
Reward: A bi-monthly reminder that Liz Phair isn't dead. Thank you. 

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