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Rubics Cube Color/Letter Lock Printer Friendly Version
A regular chain lock with a Rubics Cube and Letters on each square of the Cube. You spell the word or words you want, line up the color or colors you have preset then unlock the lock. A never ending amount of simple or complex choices!
A child would want a gree line saying "CAT" in the middle of the cube for instance and it would only have to be on one side. For Adults you cound make the Rubics Cube have more Squares to spell out longer, more complicated words on all sides spelt at angles for more safety.
Reward: A lock with the "Entire, English" Alphabet! 

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Flat 3D Screen Printer Friendly Version
I was just thinking about the future of Flat Screen TV's. Understanding that more screens are being made out of plastic emulsions gave me an interesting idea.
Most of us understand the concept of a LCD clock that you see through. Well if you filled the clock with color dots this would create a very thin color TV. About the size and weight of two pieces of paper. The problem is it would have to work one-hundred percent of the time. Otherwise you would begin to see through the screen.
3D: Now place a 20 or 30 screens, behind that screen. Not a redundancy system, but a 3D system. Pictures would transfer themselves from screen to screen. Pictures would seem to jump forth just like in the movies, but without the glasses. Way Cool!
Reward: Product of course, and a state of the art sound system; 7.1, and a vibrating couch. 

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Disappearing Food And Drink Dyes Printer Friendly Version
Just like the old magician's joke of having ink destroy a white shirt to have it later disappear and leave no mark. We could manufacture food and drink dyes that would degrade and disappear after time and/or exposure to air so that our clothing, hands, sofa, carpet (family pet) etc. doesn't ever get stained, which can be very expensive to have removed (except from the family pet) and destroy and leave permanent marks all over the house or car or anywhere actually. With all the color and no chance of stain ever again, we could reduce worry and eat in the living room in front of the TV again. Yeah!
We would know when food goes bad as well by the color!
Reward: To see the day we have green wine... oh yeah... those are wine (coolers)! Ha! My favorite! 

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