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Hair Ball Pads Printer Friendly Version
Cats use litter boxes to do their business, and all animals are attracted to do certain business on different pads designed to fool them to do so by scent. If you have a cat then you already know it will use the litter box, but puke anywhere and only cough up a hair ball on the carpet, where it is comfortable for them and smells strongest, like the comfort of the indoors at home. If we scent a (Wee-Wee Pad type) pad, where the cats are feeling attracted to expel the hair balls and place them on the floor then, we never get disgusting hair ball juice on us ever again!
All attraction it needs is a certain scent placed in the right place conveniently and textured for the pet.
Reward: To be proven that a cat wouldn't rather find a proper place to do this since it is in discomfort! 

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 New Zealand
Hair Textas. Printer Friendly Version
I like to put blonde streaks in my hair, rather than pay alot to sit in a salon. However, sometimes I get carried away with the blonde ending up in the odd large patch instead of scattered and "sun-kissed". On occassion I have actually used a permanent marker in brown to feather the streaks. Alas, the next time I wash my hair, the brown marker washes out. To go to the trouble of making up a dye preparation with all of the mess and fuss, is so annoying, so I want someone to put the dye in a pen! You could get a variety of colours in a pack.
Reward: A pack of pens please! 

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Vanity Pets Printer Friendly Version
Concept: Sick of looking at that marmalade cat? Why not create the pet of your dreams.
Solution: First, an electrolysis session for your pet (this will ensure that the animal’s natural hair doesn’t grow back). Now for the fun part – a pet hair transplant (conveniently, this has already been human tested). There would be no limit to color, patterns and textures to choose from, with a complete line of natural and synthetic hair. How about a psychedelic cat, checkered dog or a gerbil with pinstripes?
Practical applications include:
- an easily identifiable pet with hair patterns arranged to indicate owner’s address, phone number or name
- quadruped billboard (generate advertisements on the side of your pet)
- synthetic hair completely eliminates shedding
- make your pet appropriately match home décor prior to stuffing
- afro pooch
- when you tire of your pet, don’t get rid of him, just change his breed e.g. a St. Bernard that resembles a Dalmatian
- have a horse? make your own zebra
Reward: A pink chinchilla with a pom-pom head piece. 

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