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Allen Chiang
Whiteboard, many colors, without ink Printer Friendly Version
I have been dreaming to have a whiteboard that I can write out many colors as I like it to be.
But, please pay attention! I don't want to waste a penny on ink that will frequently eat out my money, let alone that kind of untoleratable odd.
So, I also hope that I have a magic pen that I can write with any color I want. It will show out when the pen contact at the board. It should be a electric board that has a sensor inside. This sensor is used to interact with magic pen. The magic pen has one or several buttons, e.g. to select blue or black or red. It depends on design. Each push sends a signal to the sensor to switch the color-type selection.
You probably want to tell me "There're lots of presentation machines used in campus or office, and...", but, believe me, it's really no fun from those dummy machine. My invention can be installed once, using it forever, or, if you like to say, to the end of human being...
If you understand it, let's find a way to make the possible to reality.
Reward: Give me a kiss or let me kiss you! And let's plan another dream like real. 

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Storage media using colors Printer Friendly Version
The idea is to create a optical storage device like CD using colors. The CD's used now are using laser to read the bits. If light is reflected back it is sensed as one otherwise zero. My idea is, instead of reflecting a plain light we can reflect a colored light and sense it. If we can represent 8 (2^3) colors at that point and sense it then we can store thrice the amount of a normal CD. And this storage capacity is directly proportional to the amount of color we reresent at a single point. I dont know how to store a color at a single point and sense it back. If anybody can do it, then u can make use of it.
Reward: If anyone is using this idea please let me know.I dont want anything more. 

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Solar Tiles Printer Friendly Version
Base - Solar panel - Between cover glass and transparent adhesive places luminiferous additions which makes solar emission stronger in air-bubbly cover-up.
Appearance - Form will be as a tile; color can be changed - Can be placed in different types of tiles, but the most effective is as showed on picture, because during whole day panel can collect right solar emission. To change color is able to put active (reactive) colorants out of they can outstay high temperatures, their lifetime is really long and they aren’t very expensive.
Price - Not more than 35$ - For 1 tile which produces ~ 30W of electrical energy. The person who buys the product can easily calculate how many tiles he needs so not to waste more money on useless. The buyer can save some also because he shouldn’t buy usual tile in place of my product (For my home I’ll need ~100 tiles and it will pay for it-self ~ after 1,5 year)

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