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Scared Single Printer Friendly Version
Develop a new reality TV series called "Scared Single", to save young guys from making a terrible mistake by getting married. The show would take newly engaged couples and do a swap with a forty-something couple, sending the young guy to live with the forty-something housewife and her kids.
If after the swap period and all the "great" times that went with it the guy still decides to get married, the show will pay for the wedding. If the show does its duty and the guy comes to his senses and calls off the wedding, he can enjoy his prize of a lifetime of beer, nights out with the guys, no kids...
In prep, the show producers can evalute all the couples to determine the best mixes. For example, match a straight-laced conservative young couple with an over-the-hill, partied out, lazy middle-age couple. Things could get interesting.
Reward: If the show helps just one guy see the light then I've done my job and that's reward enough. 

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The Best Childrens Hospital in the World Printer Friendly Version
All too often, when a child is critically ill with a terminal or life threatening illness, families are divided. Siblings are taken away from the sick child, and parents struggle to find a place to sleep in their child's room at the hospital, or worse, must leave their child for the night to get a decent amount of sleep. Children need their parents, especially when they are sick and may never get better. I propose a children's hospital that also offers types of hotel rooms for parents. The hospital should have themes to every room, to make the hospital less scary, games and entertainment rooms, and maybe even a mini theater. This hospital would not be for kids who were just sick for a few days. This hospital would be for very very ill children, like kids with cancer, cystic fibrosis, or other illness that threaten their lives for a long period of time. While they would still be treated at the hospital with chemo and what not, the hospital would also focus on treating their souls and their minds, and fostering the joys of childhood, inside the hospital walls. Or, someone could just invent a cure for cancer!

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Sheila Joyce Maurer
Real Action Real Movement Video Game Printer Friendly Version
A video game like playstation 2 only you would have wrist bands, ancle bands and a waist band that responds to the video game. I think, with technology the way it is so advanced today, you could probably make the bands like a remote control with an invisible laser that is directed toward the TV or the game box. So, instead of being a couch potatoe you are actually getting exercise. If the game requires you to run, you would actually have to jog in place to get it to run or walk.You could make a padded foot runner for those with sensitive feet. If the game requires you to punch, hit, or kick, you would have to get physical and do those moves to make the game work. I know my kids, whom are hyper, love this idea and so do their friends. Our kids are just sitting around not burning any energy, this makes for fat, out of shape adults in the future. I also like playing video games, but often don't play them because of the time consumption and not getting enough exercise.
Reward: If you do use this idea, I would like a free product for my home. If you like this idea, I have other ones too. Feel free to contact me mailto:sheila_j@sbcglobal.net Thanks for your time. 

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