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Sodium Bicarbonate Anti-Clumping Packets Printer Friendly Version
Sodium bicarbonate is the main ingredient in soda crackers that helps soak up moisture in sugar, salt, parmasian cheese and other products that might clump when moisture condenses and creates a clumping or solidifying problem. We can make sodium bicarbonate packets to put in with the products or solid discs that fit the bottom of the containers. Much better than shaking the container or wasting the product by thowing it out because it becomes useless when solidified. And it is a terrible waste of time to try and break up clumps with a knife and shaking the can doesn't always work. You would eventually have to throw it out and sealing it within plastic containers or storage containers of some kind doesn't stop the clumping process. You can save money and trouble with this new sodium bicarbonate packet or disc.
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Andre Kim
 South Korea
The Mind Map Search Engine Printer Friendly Version
The current search engine is quite bothersome. When searching for a particular subject, the results will not appear in one screen, rather, in many different pages in different categories, such as websites, images, and videos. So when we want to search for a particular subject, no matter what form it is in, either an image or a website, we have to continuously click on the categories that opens up a new page, and endlessly scroll down until we find the preferable result.
To fix this nuisance, the search engine should be designed like a mind-map. Each category will take form of a bubble. The main bubble, on the middle, will have the most relevant results from all categories and the connected sub-bubbles will have results of specific categories, such as websites, images, and videos. So, instead of continuously scrolling down and clicking on a new page, the results will all fit in one screen, making it easier for us to find our results.

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Remote Controlled Door (RCD) Printer Friendly Version
Parts of this idea are being used for other purpose but here it is.
Suppose you are in you bedroom or working on something interesting and you don't want to be interrupted when suddenly someone knocks on your door.
The idea is to build or assemble from already present device a transmitter and reciever than can control the lock in the door thru a powerful magnet coil (or an alreday present mechanism can be found i the market-by mechanism i do mean the hole door mechanism).
The block diagram or sequence goes like this.
3)switch (could be a sucession of a transistor and a timer to make sure the signal is present for enough time)
4)12v, 9v, 6v realy to control the coil mounted on the door or the door mechanism it self.
5)... (if any other steps required).
Apart from the bedroom door the device can be used mounted on any door whether the main gates or any another (don't know if the wireless accessed car work following the same or similar principle).
Reward: a prototype of the device would be given to the most helpful prs, post, comment(s). 

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