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TRADE Translation Device Printer Friendly Version
Often in our lives we have noticed that communication is very important to human life, but it is a problem between people who speak different languages. This invention, if developed, will create a solution to that problem. Now we present you with a solution. TRADE – Translator device.
We want to describe the parts that are in this invention:
1) Processor: The processor is very complex. It has many functions. First, it translates what you are saying to the person who is talking to you; second it grabs the information that the receptor grabs and translates back to you. There is a small speaker on the processor, but it is loud enough for the person to hear it. It also has a cell phone plug, where you plug the cell phone and it works just like you are talking in person. There are several chips that come with the processor, one for each language; you just have to attach the chip to the processor when you will speak. It also comes with a small briefcase where you would be able to keep all the parts together.
2) Multi-shaped Receptor: The function of the receptor would be to grab whatever the person (who is talking to you) is saying and automatically transfer to the processor. The processor would translate the information to your language and you would hear what the person is saying right away. When you order the receptor you can choose the most convenient shape for you. These are some examples of receptor:
3) Wireless Earpiece: The earpiece would be used for you to hear the translation of what the person is saying.
The major thing about TRADE is that it can be used by anyone from all over the world. You don't have to be a special agent or someone from U.N., you can only be yourself just trying to know the world better!
After we have thought of this invention, we had chosen an appropriate reward. It is a sample of the invention.
Reward: a sample 

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National Water Pipeline Distribution System Printer Friendly Version
The technology has been around for thousands of years and is simple in construction. Every year the United States experiences droughts in various parts of the country and severe flooding in other areas. I propose that a series of water pipelines be constructed all over the US. As an example in the midwest, this year flooding is causing billions of dollars in property and crop damages. If a series of catch basins were established up and down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and then directed into large (minimum 10 foot diameter) pipes which can then be redirected to the southwest where drought conditions are present it would reduce flooding and provide much needed water to the southwest.
This I know is very simplistic but our technology today can do this. The cost is expensive but over the course of a few short years it should pay for itself. Think of it major areas of the country that continue to struggle with droughts and fires could be reduced with a constant flow of water from other parts of the country where flooding occurs on a routine basis or is prevelant. Since the two major areas of water shortages are the south west (Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico), and south eastern US (Fl, GA, SC) I suggest start building pipelines to these two areas first.
Today as I write this the Mississippi is flooding and dumping into the Gulf of Mexico billions of gallons of water that could be utilized in other parts of the country.
To cut costs most of the pipeline should stay above ground.
Once pipeline established many areas of the country could see significant growth in farm production and bring in new businesses.
Just a thought and I hope to hear back from someone. Is this a crazy idea or what??? Please let me know.
Reward: Just would like to get recognition that I was the first to think of it. Maybe name the first pipeline after me or a name I recommend. 

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A Potential Source of Racing Talent Printer Friendly Version
Nearly everyone has had the opportunity to try their hand at popular sports such as baseball and basketball. A natural ability is realized in some individuals that is refined and nurtured into greatness. I don’t believe the same can be said for motor sports. Therefore I can imagine that there are many people who may have a natural ability with regards to racing skill that have never had the opportunity to discover and nurture this ability. This is obviously due to the fact that it is relatively easy for a young person to have access to a basketball court or a baseball diamond as opposed to a race track.
I have an idea of how a motor sports entity could help to identify certain natural racing abilities in young individuals and it centers on video games as the tool of discovery. As racing simulations have evolved they have become very realistic down to they smallest detail. In fact simulators in general are used for many training programs. The U.S. Army has even financed the production of simulators to train troops and released retail versions as video game recruiting tools.
This idea came to me as I watched a friend playing a popular racing simulation video game named “Gran Turismo.” I had played the game quite a bit myself but I was surprised at the skill this person had with the game. He raced the virtual car around the track with flawless precision making no mistakes lap after lap. Obviously I’m not implying that he could jump into a real race car and do great things but I sensed that he possessed some of the qualities present in a real race driver including mental stamina, focus, and the ability to follow a racing line and know when to brake and accelerate at exactly the right moment. I believe that if these traits are identified in an individual they could be a potential candidate for further exploration of their abilities including some sort of real driving experience to discover their potential.
I think the first place to start would be some sort of large scale racing simulation tournament to find the cream of the crop among individuals with those talents that can be measured in this fashion. There have been organized video game tournaments for some time and I imagine there may be some involving racing simulators but I am personally unaware of any specifically. I believe the inclusion of an opportunity to have a real racing experience would raise the profile of such an event dramatically. One potential avenue could be the production of a reality show or series chronicling the search for future race car drivers. There are entire cable networks dedicated to motor sports and video games that I can imagine would find success in such a venture.
I believe this may be a way for a motor sports organization to find racing talent.
Reward: I want to drive a real race car 

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