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Energy Saving Refrigerator Cozy Printer Friendly Version
This cozy would pay for itself in time (well I'm not a mathmatical genius over here, but it would pay for itself. Trust me). This padded cozy would cover the top and sides of your conventional refrigerator keeping the cold in and the heat out. It would be attached by another great invention... Velcro and made of fire proof material such that you find in oven mitts. Obviously it would protect most of your refrigerator's surface from scatches, dust, and dirt so all you would have to do is wash the easily reachable front face of it.
Once or twice a year you could remove it and throw it in the washing machine. The Velcro would only be attached at the bottom of the sides. The Cozy could be decorative and only limited by your imagination. This could be a sewing project of your own or a product with different styles and color choices. Works in both warm and cold climates.
Reward: I ask for a sample for my friends and I. 

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Desert houses Printer Friendly Version
Building a house in the desert with very little material. Basically instead of building the house, dig it up. Add on some self tainting glass roof to benefit from all the sun light, a couple of solar panels in the 'underground' garden, which is obviously at the same level as your house (i.e. underground) and some system to recycle water for a month or so, while waiting for the next delivery by truck.
Would be great in Algeria where there is over 2 million squares kilometers of desert to grab and the state gives you free concessions for 99 years. Could turn into an estate (they give up to 100 square kilometers for free) and start up some hi tech, hi added value products business and ensure enough cash for the whole environmentally friendly thing to work out.
Problems: haven't got a clue on the architecture and technical stuff surrounding such a building project?
Reward: A free Saharan dug up house like this. 

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Web-based distributed payment Printer Friendly Version
A website that allows groups of people to enter into a contract to distribute payments from a single source according to a simple percentage scheme. For example, if a creative product developed by a group was sold on the web, the resulting payments would be made through this website to a common account for the product, but then distributed to the individuals in the group automatically. This is similar to Paypal, but with the automatic distribution system, it allows long-term collaborations that do not require communication or futher negotiation between the group members. The site would include a notification of all group members that a payment had been made, the total, and the individual member's share. It would allow group members to change information about contact, login, and destination of payments. It would require input from all group members to change percentages or other terms of the agreement made for the group's project.

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