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R. Lloyd Nelson
Fire Ant Microwave Generator Printer Friendly Version
Fire ants are a painful nuisance that has already hit the southern states east and west. As the nests are easy to spot, one environmentally sound way of eradicating them might be with a portable microwave generator powerful enough to penetrate several feet into the ground. I imagine a truck mounted model that swings out over the nest and focuses tightly. The same small flatbed would carry a gasoline generator to power the microwave unit. A rig like this could drive from farm to farm, field to field, exterminating the pests for a fee.
Reward: Hey, how about a DVD copy of the movie, "Antz"? 

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 United Kingdom
Garage goodies Printer Friendly Version
Now cars are having dvd's n psx's etc. built in the backseat.. I thought maybe some custom built console could be made specifically for in car entertainment.
When you stop at a garage to fill up the car you get the opportunity to download stuff into console, could be a game, the news, a movie or whatever.. maybe have a touch screen menu beside the petrol/gas tank so you could pick what you want and pay for it when you pay for the petrol.. would be nice on long journeys to stop the kids being bored, and when you stop for a break you can catch up on the news.
hello I'm lee.. 28.. with beer and nearly out of rizla+
Reward: quiet kids, chance to catch up on latest events 

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New way to ear movies Printer Friendly Version
I'm from portugal, and in my country some movies (like finding nemo or harry potter) has 2 versions, the original version and the portuguese...
Well, the original version is for adults and teenagers, and the portuguese version is for children, who can't read.
Sometimes i have to go to the movies with my cousins who have 4/5 years and i really have to go to the portuguese version. The childrem make very noise, with screamings and laughing, and sometimes i can't ear a thing, so i think... when i'm in a meeting, and the speaker is french (for example!) i have an headphones, and i'm listening a real time translating of the speaker... why don't we make the same system in portuguese cinemas? so, the parents see the original version, and kids have the phones to ear the portuguese version (or the other way)?!?!?
Reward: the cinemas will save some cash, because they have only one room for the movie instead of 2 rooms, like they do...
what do you think? 

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