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Scratching Post Wall Paper Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever bought the tallest scratching post and the cat still is too tall or wants to climb it? I have. If we make a backing material and cover that with the right materials (just like the real thing) then they would all go for the wall and not the other walls, the chairs, the beds etc. (You see where I am going? They destroy everything). We could make this a staple on wall paper so that we could replace it yearly or every so often or find an easy way to change it - although I have had my scratching post for three years and they still use that, but it is worn out so the chairs, beds, couches etc, get the brunt force. If they had an entire wall to scratch they should prefer that; don't ya think!
Reward: A suiteable wall! Ha! 

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Lisa R. Kopp
3-part idea for inventions Printer Friendly Version
Three-Part Idea for Inventions by Lisa Renee Kopp
My ideas for a three-part invention which would prove very useful to people, both individuals and groups, are as follows:
Part I – Use the technology used to invent microfilm to create a widely used product where people can make copies of records (and anything else that currently comes on paper).
Part II – Invent a machine where people can make copies of things already on paper and put them on a microfilm-like substance. This machine should be portable and easy-to-use.
Part – Invent a machine that people can use to view documents and things put onto microfilm-like substance. This machine should also be portable and easy-to-use.
Three Ideas explained further:
Use the invented machine to make copies of documents already on paper. A microfilm-like substance can be used and newly-copied items can be placed on this substance. Then people can use the second machine to view these items. Individuals and/or businesses can purchase these three inventions to use. They can either purchase blank microfilm-like items or ones with documents already on them. They can use the first machine to make copies of the desired documents. Then they can either purchase the second machine for viewing the items or a place of business can charge a fee of perhaps $.25 (or more or less) for patrons to view the desired items.
Reasons for these inventions:
There are actually a few reasons. One is because most homes and businesses are “drowning” in a sea of paper. My inventions would help free up a lot of space.
Another reason is an environmental one. If we can eliminate a lot of the need for paper we can save trees and free up space in landfills and garbage dumps.
A third reason is an economic one. Producing my inventions would create a lot of jobs. Then the purchase of my three inventions would generate a lot of money being spent. Then, in addition to those reasons, businesses can generate income for themselves in charging people for the use of my three products.
I do not personally have the means to invent such products. However, I am supplying the ideas. I truly believe these products would be very useful to people. I hope you will consider using them.

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Student Desk 2003 Printer Friendly Version
This is a new and improved students desk. The desk will be standard student desk but with a couple extra features. The desk will contain a labtop computer built into it. The labtop will serve as all the students paper. When he/she is to hand in an assignment, they will place it into the correct folder on the computer hardrive. The teacher will have acess to all the files so he/she can correct them. This will help us cut down on the amount of paper we use. An opional feature that the school can put into these desks for students with good grades will be to put a television set into the desk. It will be removable so that they principal can take it away. The television will serve as a learning device for whatever subject the student is learning at that time and a reward for good behavior in class.

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