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Air Hockey Type Skate Boarding Printer Friendly Version
If you take the wheels off of a skate board step onto it then glide on a smooth surface with air holes pushing up strong currents of air you can glide for hundreds of feet with just a slight push of your foot. We could make an indoor or outdoor Air Hockey Type Skate Board Park where we could use any smooth object to safely project ourselves across the smooth surface and use the same construction of an average skate park only this would be more fun, you could go faster and further, and the surface would cause less damage to limbs since it would not be concrete on the surface. A totally new sport to replace one that is getting quit boring thses days. You could make any type of board any size and length or shape as long as it was smooth on the bottom. You could even make boards to glide on your knees or elbows alone or shoes that would move you across the surface. A very easy park to make. A very safe way to board. And tons more fun!
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 New Zealand
Motorised Skateboard Printer Friendly Version
Motorised skate boards have been around for a while. Basically they are snowboard sized skateboards with 40ish cc engines on the back of them, usually chain or belt driven the back wheels. This is fine, but these monsters can't really be used on or at a skate park. Because of the size and the weight of them, it is impossible to do tricks with them.
What i am thinking about is a motor that is attached to the back of an ordinary skateboard, but it is detachable. So once you get to the pack, you simply undo the fasteners and pull it off.
You want to be able to attach the device to any skateboard, so a means of propulsion needs to be thought of that doesn't include the skateboards wheels (jet propulsion isn't really an option either).
A swing arm out the back of the skateboard would probably do the trick. The swing arm would have a single rubber wheel on it and be spring loaded so that it is always in contact with the ground. The wheel could be belt, chain or shaft driven.
And the engine could be either electic or petrol (chainsaw for prototype). Electric posses the problem of batteries and petrol posses the problem of weight.
I started to make a prototpe of this (many moons ago, when i was about 14) but the centrivical clutch broke on the engine and i never got round to finishing the project.
any improvements anyone?
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Martin Wallace
Urban Waste Abatement Kit Printer Friendly Version
This would be a good project for an Environmental Science/ Education Student. The physical object is quite simple, but the institution of the system would require much research and involvement.
The actuall object: A backpack that holds a 32oz thermal mug, a set of flatware, and a lenin napkin.
The hard part: One would need to do a cost analysis comparison between cost of waste removal and landfill use to the cost of distributing such a kit to all citizens of any given urban area. My assumption is that it would be very expensive to issue the kits initially, but over time the city/ community would save money from waste removal and landfill usage. The idea is to cut back on paper and styro waste from restaraunts and convenieance stores by issueing every citizen his/her own set of wares. This not only would cut back on the amount of waste, but also on the amount of litter, so there would certainly be an aesthetic value to it also. Businesses may even chose to get involved by offering discounts to patrons who bring in their own cups/ forks/ napkins etc.
I live in a somewhat progressive community, and I've seen many of the indie kids in town allready doing this on their own. I think it is a lovely idea which large urban areas could really put to good use.
Reward: No reward expected. The reward would be inherent in the execution of the idea. If a reward is necessary, perhaps to bail me out of jail the next time I get arrested for peacefull, non-violent demonstration. 

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