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Shopping Helper Printer Friendly Version
Ever come back from the shops, totalled up your receipts (the ones you can find AND read) and been aghast at how much you've spent? Those "little" purchases that have somehow added up to half your salary?
My idea is for the wireless wallet, that when opened with a pin code displays the current amounts in your bank account / credit card account. When you make a transaction (eg : with a Switch card), press UPDATE and it will log into your accounts using pre-entered data and download the latest TOTAL. It can also have a field for that day's total, so you can see as you spend.
Never be caught out with your shopping total again! It will also save you the hassle of going to a cashpoint machine just to check your balance.
Reward: Recognition + 1 free. 

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Robert Silver
Vote by ATM Printer Friendly Version
Why not use ATMs as voting machines?
The 2000 presidential election turned into a national fiasco due mainly to the archaic manner in which we count votes. There is a solution using modern day technology so that this might never happen again. Through-out the US, Canada, and in much of the civilized world, there is already in-place a secure infrastructure for collecting votes. There are computer terminals in gas stations, banks, super markets etc. called ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines).
There are over a half a million ATMs worldwide. Everyday, billions of dollars worth of monetary transactions move through this system with a tremendously high degree of security. Some not-so-obvious benefits are that it would lessen the amount of absentee ballots. A U.S. citizen could vote from anywhere in the world where an ATM is located, with their selections tallied as easily, quickly and accurately as a person voting within the United States.
In addition, the voting would not have to be done all in one day, which could increase voter turnout. It could be done over a period of time preceding Election Day. The results from each state could be immediately tallied and presented to the media after all the votes are counted.
How would it work? Each state would issue a voting card in the same way some do now. Like a credit card, it would be inserted into any ATM. A voter card would give a person’s personal identification number, to assure the identity of the voter. Candidate options would appear on-screen, and the voter’s selection would be recorded. The card could either be destroyed or saved depending on the requirements of the state.
Reward: I would like to be the project manager to get this going at either a state or federal level. 

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Never Lose Your Cell Phone Numbers Printer Friendly Version
Every year I inevitably lose or have my cell phone stolen, and it drives me crazy to lose all the numbers and contact info I have stored. Now I realize that there are devices capable of linking with computers and saving info, but how often do people really do this. I propose to make the cell phone charger actually contain an additional SIM card to record your contacts everytime you charge up. This way one has a recent record of one's phone numbers, that requires no tech savy and no effort to update. If you lose your phone you still have your charger and SIM card with all the info to slip into the new phone. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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