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Personal Product Scanner for use at any Store Printer Friendly Version
Exactly like the uses of the product scanner the store gives you for a bridal or baby registry, but smaller, affordable, and can be used at any store. Then when you are at the bookstore or department store, see something you are interested in but aren't going to purchase, just scan the barcode and the item is added to your list.
The scanner has an accompanying website for you to access your lists, with item images, the price, and what store it is from. You can sort the products and even choose to add the items to another website (e.g. scan a movie title at Best Buy and you could choose to add the title to you Netflix Queue or a book to Amazon Wish List/Google Book Search).
Amazon could sell these scanners and would have the site infrastructure already setup. Also, the scanner technology or RFID could be implemented into your cell phone.
Reward: Any Acknowledgment and final product for free 

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Programmed Muscle Movement Printer Friendly Version
Map the human body by collecting electronic impluses of muscle contractions during daily movements. (the suit design similar to the animations industry use on live models to record movement for animated characters created in the computer/movie industry) Assign each lead with # or note, record the impulse firing sequences. A parapalegic should be able to wear a wired body suit powered by a small device that delivers the electronic stimulus to muscles that are programmed into an mp3 or ipod. There would be stored sequences for each activity; such as walk straight ahead, veer right, sit down etc. Most of our movements have counter muscle movements needed for balance, this would fire multiple muscle groups in the natural order. Change your direction, change the song!
Reward: Have someone in Animation animate a Real Human Body! 

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Eliminate Media Piracy Printer Friendly Version
When we purchase Hardware that plays electronic Media of any kind, the manufacturer (or distributor/retailer) of the Hardware will have to encode the purchaser's PassKey (Last Name, SSN, etc.) into the Player. When digital media is purchased, the same will happen...the purchaser's PassKey will be encoded into the electronic Media. (Of course they may use their wife's/Friend's/Boss's PassKey if it is a gift.)
The Player will only play the media if the passkeys match. Of course there will be ways for pirate hackers to take a general media, pull the pass code out and insert another one... but if it is a complex enough system they won't want to spend their time working on a hack for weeks when they can just download the song or movie for $5. FileSwapping like Old Napster and Kazaa are then extinct.
If your HardwareKey fails.... go back to the retailer or manufacturer and have it reset or replaced. This is a fairly old idea in software. A Finite Element Analysis package for $15000 comes with a Hardware key. The Software periodically checks the serial port for the hardware key that came with the software...if it isn't there, it doesn't play. When will this technology catch on in entertainment??
Reward: A pat on the back. 

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