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Glow in The Dark Stationary Printer Friendly Version
You know little kids love to write in the dark, read in the dark, mostly do stuff in the dark. Well my idea is to my books, pens, pencils, paper and other stuff for little kids to do to be made able to see in the dark. I know I love to have glow in the dark stickers, and little stars that hang on my ceiling. I know I would love to have pens with glow in the dark ink, same with pencils, paper, and books. I would buy tons of them. I think that making them and selling them to schools would be a great idea to earn money for fund raisers and even just at a student store.
Reward: Fun for student and also kewl stationary. 

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Paper Houseboots Printer Friendly Version
I need a pair of cheap houseboots (actually, a bunch of pairs); and so does my contractor and lots of other people).
I'm building a house, and there's dirt all around. Every time I need to come inside for something while I'm working out in the dirt, I have to stop and take my boots off (or else track dirt and sand onto my nice new cork floor). And then put 'em back on again when I go back out. A royal pain, both ways.
After I came up with this idea, my wife and I found a pair of big slip-on booties in a catalog--for 27 bucks! Not what I had in mind at all. What I need is a paper pair that'll last for a few trips into the house and then can be thrown away. A couple bucks a pair would be OK, but under a buck would be great.
Yes, there are hospital and cleanroom booties that one can buy for maybe 15 cents a pair if you buy a case of 300. But if you've got a handful of tools or something, you don't have two hands free to put 'em on. What's needed is something that one can slip one's boots into without using one's hands at all. They should have slightly raised backs, so that dirt doesn't just slide off the back end while you're walking. Kind of like large low-back bedroom slippers.
Housewives with kids would probably appreciate having houseboots in small sizes, too.
Reward: A lifetime supply? Small royalty if the idea really makes money? 

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A Seperate Card To Store Credit/Debit Purchases On Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever forgotten to save a receipt from a card purchase and then you can't balance your check book? Rather than having online banking you could simplify this part of the process by having one card instead of ten to twenty web sites for each card, that can be swiped through right after your purchase card (Visa/Master Card) that would record all your amounts of your purchases and what they were (all the information). Then you swipe it at home on a home version of the store's computer and it all comes up with all the info for every card.
The small card swipping equipment could Plug and Play into simple software for reading and permanent storage on your home PC or Mac. Plus, now Tax laws make us save receipts for end of year taxes and we probably always will have to save them but, if we used this card and software then we could submit all the receipts all at once instead of 10 to twenty hours of paid work or a serious problem doing it yourself. An easy way to balance your check book weather it is online banking (the software could be compatible) or the paper kind and no hassle hanging onto to hundreds of pieces of paper in shoe boxes collecting all year long.
Reward: The look on my face when I see it being used! 

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