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Real Soap Water Printer Friendly Version
This idea would eliminate the necessity of soap bars during a bath.
Imagine a spa/tub that has soap dispensers that allow the soap to saturate the water to the point that the water becomes your hygiene source. After bathing, you could push a button to drain the soapy water and simultaneously fresh, warm water is gently being poured into the spa/tub to rinse away the soap from your body; sort of like a low shower because your sitting down.
The spa/tub would be equipped with 4-5 dispensers for the soaps of your choice. This idea seems more feasible for a spa because of the many jets and tubes that are eqipped with it.
Of course there is more think about, such as cost of body wash, but I think the experience would be fun.
Reward: Of course the credit and a few for my dream home. 

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nicholas anthony
Smart Dryer Printer Friendly Version
I'm a guy and I wash my own clothes. I wash my clothes at any time during the day, including at night. I don't mind if they are wrinkly. I like to set the timer on my clothes and then go to sleep. Sometimes when I check them the next day, even sometimes after a few days, I find that they are still damp. This is terrible for my clothes and I sometimes rewash them after I have left damp clothes in the dryer too long. I find damp clothes in the dryer about one out of every three times I do laundry. I could always leave them in longer but I don't want to always over dry them, which I believe isn't good for the fabric. So what if companies made dryers that determined on its own how long each load should take to dry and then automatically turn off? This could prevent my loads from being damp some of the time, without possible damaging my clothes by drying them too long.
Reward: A discount on the product or possibly the productif it sells big. 

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Spherical Laundry Basket Cage Printer Friendly Version
My idea is a laundry basket cage which is spherical in design. The advantage of this design is that it can be rolled down stairs or along the floor using the hands or feet to propel forward toward its destination. There are no wheels or handles to this unit.
Made from the same flexible basket-weave plastic that is used on the sides of tradional laundry baskets, the laundry basket cage has a serviceably large, round hinged opening for loading and unloading the laundry. Closing the hatch completes the sperical design. It's now ready to be kicked and/or rolled down the stairs, along the hallway toward the laundry room.
When being used as a hamper or when unloading into the washer, there is a separate round plastic "stabilizing ring" where the cage rests. This plastic ring will sit on the floor under the cage, steadying the sphere. The ring is made of the same light-weight plastic as the laundry cage.
This begs the question, what about when you want to return folded clothes to other parts of the house? In the bottom of the cage is a shallow flattened surface for folded laundry. The lid (hatch) has an inset cut-out handle for carrying the sphere.
Carrying laundry baskets at arm's length is one of the hardest household chores. With gravity and its "basket ball" design, the laundry basket cage makes half the job easier.
Kids would be more inclined to get their laundry to the wash room. College kids would be kickin' their laundry basket cages all over campus town.
Reward: I'd like a lifetime supply of the laundry basket cages. Six should last me for a good long time. 

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