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Company-Sponsored Daycare Printer Friendly Version
Most parents aren't looking for the company to pay for the daycare, although I'm sure they wouldn't mind. I think that what most parents are looking for is to have their kids close and feel that they have more control over their children's environment.
The sponsored daycare could be located in a Mall or other nearby building.
There could be a volunteer parents group to help plan and participate in activities.
Opportunities could be provided to eat with the kids.
The employees of the company may be able to provide technical expertise.
Old and used equipment (computers, chairs desks) could be donated by the company.
Supplies could be purchased cheaper using the company's buying power.
I'm sure there are plenty of other people who could expand on this idea.
This option may be more appealing to a company than a company owned and managed daycare?
This is obviously not economical for small businesses.
Reward: Hearing or seeing the idea in practice would be nice. 

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Common Sense Shipping Printer Friendly Version
Every day we see hundreds of big trucks on the road going in opposite directions. You just know that many of them are hauling the same cargo - one hauling it out of an area, and another hauling it into the same area. (In my area, every time I see a truck load of coal heading north passing another headed south, I always think that it is just insane...)
What if there was a service that would connect the person that was just getting ready to load a truck with apples to ship 300 miles down the road with the person 50 miles away that was ready to order a truckload of apples from 300 miles away? I know at first glance it looks like the truckers would loose, but I truly think that there's plenty of other things just waiting to be shipped to fill the void...)
With today's computer & internet technology, such a system should be workable. It could perhaps be set up as a registry where vendors, purchasers, & transporters could post regularly and someone with a clear mind could make the connections for everyone.
Reward: Do the right thing if you get rich. 

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Fleamarket Guide Printer Friendly Version
When you can't find what you're looking for in a shop, you'll ask the clerk. But what if the same thing happens to you at a fleamarket?
The solution: special fleamarket guides who help you find what you're looking for. There could be specially trained people who are in charge of a certain stretch of the fleamarket and can tell you what's going on. If it's too much to remember (possibly!), the stands could also enter their stuff into a database, so everybody would know that e.g. stand 37 sells the hockey equipment you've been desperately looking for.
Reward: Perhaps some free fleamarket shopping? 

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