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Automatic Tire Inflation Printer Friendly Version
Ever wonder what it would be like to have automatic tire inflation on board while driving? Here is my idea.
The average car tire is usually only a few pounds over or under the limit in terms of air pressure. I was thinking of a portable device that would latch onto each outside tire rim, using something like a powerful magnet or equivalent to stay attached.
This device would consist of a small DC motor, Solar Panel, and rechargeable AAA batteries. I haven't yet determined the power requirements for this device. But how much power do you really need to pump out a few pounds of air over an extended time?
This device will hopefully not look half bad, and be configured to even look good on conventional rims.
With this device, I hope to improve the gas mileage of all cars that use it, as well as giving drivers a bit more of assurance. Knowing that their tire pressure will add to the safety of not only the ones on board, but to the rest of the civilians on the road, will give them peace of mind.
Reward: Energy Conservation and Safety 

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Vehicle navigator heads up unit Printer Friendly Version
The problem that I have with a navigation unit is that I am never comfortable with the location of the unit. So, I propose a unit that has no wires and the touch unit plugs directly into the power outlet. The touch unit sends a signal to a unit you can clip to your sun visor. The unit on your sun visor will project a display on the upper part of your windshield.
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"Lock in" Gasoline Rates Printer Friendly Version
Since gasoline rates seem to fluctuate more frequently than any other commodity, I think being able to "Lock In" to a rate for a given period of time, might be an attractive choice for many people. I'm not yet sure how the cost would be figured, but it would serve to provide some sort of insurance for higher gas prices. Perhaps it could be part of some sort of investment choice for stockholders of a particular oil company. Or, a way for non-stockholders to obtain something like a certificate of deposit for a specific company. The time period could be maybe three to six months. I, obviously, know very little about investing, but I think the idea could be developed in a way beneficial both to the oil companies and the buyer.
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