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USB Power Port for Garage Door Opener Remotes Printer Friendly Version
Dear Toyota, BMW, Ford, GM and other large auto manufacturers:
Use your powers to convince the garage door opener industry to standardize and add a mini-USB power port on their remote controls. Add said power harness/port to a convenient location in your vehicles.
This would save the frustration of running out of power on a cold, rainy night. It also saves the $15 it would cost to replace the battery and eliminate tons of waste.
Reward: Recognition is good enough. 

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Rear-facing Baby Car Seat that is Better for Baby's Back Printer Friendly Version
Traveling with a sleeping baby on mass transportation systems can be a challenge. Typically, when a baby is sleeping in its buggy and the parent needs to get into the car, they try not to wake the baby up. Instead, they simply detach the car seat from the buggy frame, put it into the car, and drive off.
When they get home, most parents ether attempt to move the baby from the car seat into the cot and inadvertantly wake him up in the process. Or, they may leave the baby in the car seat.
This is great, however many parenting websites, books, experts etc. warn parents not to let the little ones sleep in the car seat for too long as the inclined position is bad for a baby's spinal cord/back bone development. They recommend that babies should lay flat whenever possible. So, why not invent a car seat that, when it is not in the car, can be made to recline to a flat position?
That way, when you get home with your sleeping baby in the car seat (let's face it, what parent has not gone out purposefully to get the baby to sleep in the car, at least once!), you can carry the baby into his/her room, place the car seat in the cot, and recline the back section so that it is fully flat. This allows the baby to remain peacefully asleep in a position that will not damage the baby's spinal cord development.
Of course, you would have to find a way to prevent the car seat from reclining when it is in the car. That would be dangerous!
Reward: Just invent it and I'll be a very happy mummy. And so will many others around the world I'm sure! 

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Vehicles with Added Oxygen Capability Printer Friendly Version
Medical testing shows that oxygen increases concentration, reduces stress, and enhances alertness. Therefore, it would be great to put an "oxygen bar" capability in a vehicle. You could add flavored scents to the oxygen, as well. Very healthy!
Truck driver's would use this to improve their state of mind on long trips.

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