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Quick change pavement Printer Friendly Version
Roads undergo lots of stress due to the winter/spring freeze-thaw cycle. To help speed up repairs why not alter the chemistry of the asphalt so that it is very flexible? That way large sections of pavement can be rolled up like a giant jellyroll. As the old pavement is wound up and the new pavement is layed down behind it.
Reward: Less traffic congestion and a Timmy's large double-double tea 

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a brietzke
Rubber band car Printer Friendly Version
As I am interested in any green energy concepts, I am pleased with current developments in hybrid vehicles. I would like to see the hybrid concept grow to include several different energy sources feeding power to one electric engine. This may sound goofy, but one idea I have is to use giant rubber bands as a sort of mechanical battery that could spin a generator that would feed the electric engine of a car. The bands would run beneath the car in long plastic tubes and could be wound with something like a power drill and a system of gears. Current electric cars are handicapped by the size a chemical battery can grow and still be safe and light. This would allow more potential energy to be safely stored and improve milage. While driving, if the battery power dropped to half or so, the rubber bands would be turned on and begin to restore power. If this sounds loopy, keep in mind that a one person glider was recently made that can fly up to two kilometers using a giant rubber band. The best part is that the extra weight is relatively minimal compared to metal parts.
Reward: A free car would be nice, but just making it would be fine! 

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Stupid Head Tickets Printer Friendly Version
I've had this idea for a long time... Ever been frustrated by rude, obnoxious, inattentive, or just plain scary people on the road? To the point you actually wish there was a cop nearby messing with the flow of traffic, just to stop this driver, and save the rest of us? I have the solution! Everyone should be armed with a paintball gun that's filled with paint that disappears as it dries. It would not harm the paint and would not leave a trace after 24hrs. It would be able to withstand 24hrs of inclement weather and be unable to be washed off. Any more weather than that and we all deserve a pass having driven in slow traffic during it anyways. Now, imagine how people would straighten up thier driving if our fellow drivers were in charge of tickets!
Anybody with 3 or more splotches of paint on thier car the cops automatically send them a "Stupid Head" ticket. Mailing a picture that's time/date stamped along with the sitation. "You have been found guilty by a jury of your peers to be a danger to yourself and others on the road today." There is no fighting or reducing it in court. It won't affect your insurance rates or DMV record. It is not probable cause for the police to pull you over by itself. If your car's natural color cannot be seen or identified clearly by atleast 20%, your car's brain will stop working for 24hrs. Tickets would begin at: $5.00 and go up to $100.00 max per day at which point your car's sensor (vibration from impact, wieght of splotch on surface, temp. difference of metal as it dries heat dissaptes/cooler, or visual by satellite) alerts the car's computer brain to begin shutting down once car is put in park with a message shown on dash or radio. It would also notify a satellite to take your picture, marking location, date, and time and send you a ticket. Too many days out of commision in a month (10) and you'd get a "brain dead" timeout of 3 days, beginging on the 1st of the following month so you can think about how not to annoy you fellows.
Reward: Better driving and getting out your road rage constructivly while improving your selfdefence and hand eye coordination simultanously. 

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